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Cold & Buffy & Icons

I am so freaking cold!!!! I hate this! I NEVER feel warm, except when I'm asleep under my electric blanket, and then I can't even enjoy it because I'm asleep! Damn stupid Ohio weather.

I finished watching Buffy S4 with mom tonight. She didn't like Restless. I LOVE that episode. It just proves that we definetly don't think alike when it comes to tv and what not. We finished Angel S1 4 or 5 days ago. She didn't really like S1, but I had to reassure her that it would get better, I mean she really likes Buffy but she didn't like S1. Did anyone really like S1 of Buffy?

Anywho... I can't really talk long, my spine is shivering in this weird way it tends to and I need to hurry and go to bed.

I've been lagging on the icon making of late, having to push myself to finish another batch of BBM icons for icons100, I'm so sick of making BBM icons, I still have like 60 some to go and OMG TOO MUCH! *sigh* I still also have 26 BBM icons for icon alphabet and 26 icons of House. And then I also am going to make at least 50 Firefly/Serenity icons, but those will come over time, instead of for a deadline like the 100.

I was super dissappointed because for some reason the_house_cup was deleted. I loved that icon comm. It was so unique. Well I went to the mod's journal and asked what happened, but I dunno what will happen with it.

Anywho I'll talk at y'all later.
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