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My First year on LJ

Well it's been exactly one year since I joined LJ.

I remember the first day I discovered LJ was the day I was linked to witling's Boglescat verse. I started devouring her fic and then moved onto her friend's fic before finally realizing that there was this whole huge world of fandom out there that I hadn't discovered.

I joined LJ and made my first post and thought that I would never actually write in an online journal. Hell, I couldn't even write in a regular journal. However I went on to post three more entries that day alone. One was a real life entry, two others were fic. (All my fic is at the bottom of the page.)

So as I delved into this strange new world of online people and I discovered corners of cyberspace that I never even knew existed. I began to make icons for icontest communities and write fic for fic communities. Soon I had friends and I was beginning to enjoy my online experience SO much.

But before I talk about after I joined LJ, let me mention some things; about 'the time before'. When I joined livejournal I was a babysitter, babysitting two kids weekly after school for three days a week. I was paid $65 a week. I had graduated high school (barely) the previous year, after a huge breakdown, and I was getting ready to go away to college. I was hating my job and annoyed with my not-being in schoolness. What little friends I'd had at school were off away or still in highschool. My best friend was/still is living down in Alabama and I've never met him. We met in a slash fiction chat room.

I'd been into fanfic and slashfic since before LJ, and my first fandom was RealPersonSlash, more specifically boybands, the Backstreet Boys & Nsync mostly. Yes, I'm still embarrassed by that. I met Tyler, my still best friend, in an RPS chatroom along with irda, at the time Irda loved RPS and Harry potter. One day she convinced me, hater of all things superpopular and "in", to read the books and I LOVED them. This is how I discovered HP. I devoured the books and soon I was searching for all sorts of HP fic. I LOVED it.

I soon lost contact with Irda and my RPS fandom love dropped away. I moved on(temporarily) from HP into Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Every other week or so I would take my $65 paycheck down to Mediaplay and buy the next season of Buffy or Angel. I had been into Buffy and Angel for nearly a year and a half when I discovered LJ. I spent so many hours searching for fic, that I was nearly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of it catalogued on livejournal. I was bursting with glee.

Now before I joined LJ I had written a couple of REALLY crappy RPS fics and some not-very-good HP fics, but I feel like I really first published my work on here. This is where I really started to write. In my first 5 1/2 years of fandom and fanfiction I had written somewhere around 5 or 6 published fics, most weren't even finished, or were one shots. In my first month on LJ alone I published 12 fics.(all cataloged below)

I joined fic communities like bloodclaim & other fic comms that weren't so successful. I gathered friends/authors like nasty_shrew, eliade, tabaqui, _beetle_, yin_again & more that I loved mostly for their fic.

The first real friend I made was umbralillium who was also my beta. She's so nice and we had fun together chatting on IM and tagging each other through fic. We even started a failed fic community called thestacks.

Next I met lunabee34 who's really sweet and commented a lot on my first few Spike/Xander fics(this is how we met). We chatted on many things and she helped me out a lot while I was at school, being as she's a college teacher. :D We started a fic called "And Baby makes... four!?" and it sort of fizzled after the second chapter, due in part to an absense I had taken(more on this in a bit.)

lunabee34 introduced me to jjjean65 who is one of the sweetest people I know. She volunteered to do my website and updates it regularly without prompting. *hugs to her for that* We still talk a lot and she's been awesome helping out with my icon community.(more on that below)

I was into Buffy and Angel for awhile, reading fic, entering ficathons, even starting my own EmC Ficathon, a song ficathon involving music that is on my computer.

So then, in July of 05, my mom and I moved into a brand new house we'd built and I basically dropped off the face of the LJ Earth. With moving and everything it took me a while to get things at home set back up, but I was also sort of wanting out of the loop, needing space/needing to be alone. So I pretty much dropped off of LJ for about 2 1/2 months. I let lunabee34's and my fic fall by the wayside and I drifted away from the Buffy/Angel fandom. When I came back to LJ, I'd lost a few friends and I still feel really bad about that, I know there is still a rift there between certain people and I.

Fandom wise I was out of Buffy and Angel, and I had always been a single-fandom girl, leaving one fandom and then moving on to the next, but then I started playing in multiple fandoms. I started reading Queer as Folk/Buffy crossovers and then Lord of the Rings RPS a week later. I read Veronica Mars and more Harry Potter, I discovered Lost, Bones, House M.D., X-Men movieverse fic, That 70's Show, Firefly, and Brokeback Mountain. I'm currently playing in more fandoms than I can keep track of, I actually had to go and double check them all.

Since I've come back to LJ from my absence I've been sort of scatterbrained, reading fic from X-men one week and then Firefly the next. I haven't written much since I stopped really reading Buffy/Angel, but I've also expanded outside of fandom, writing original fic and always perpetually working on my phantom book that will make me millions. ;) As far as real life goes, I'm sort of in a transition period, I don't have a job right now, and my life is sort of hanging, waiting for the next big thing to come along. In September of 05 I got a job working at J.C. Penny and I hated it. I was a CSR Customer Service Rep, taking phone orders in the catalog department. I quit after a month. I have not had a job since, but I think that's more to do with my depression than anything. I'm hoping to go back to school this spring, not sure what I want to be though.

Anywho, LJ has brought me lots of love, and I've discovered so many new friends and neat people. I found irda again on here last year, and met people like wendy who are wacky and fun and make me smile. People like oneluckyb, yin_again miladyhawke who are insightful and fun and nice. I've also met people who share my interests and people who remind me of myself in more ways than I can count, people whom I can identify with, like allybally123. I love all the new people and friends I've met. Livejournal has really become my internet home.

Ok, now I've left it out, but meanwhile while all of this fandom-fic-Real life-friend stuff was going on I was also making icons and entering icontests. The first icontest I ever joined was _notfadeaway_, and I've joined several more since then, even sticking around to see my first icontest comm die end, treepretty. I've made hundreds of icons since I started and I've even started a graphics journal, cherry_sin. I've won lots of icon awards and I'm extremely proud of my work. I've even started a successful icontest community; brkbck_chllnge! :)

Here are five of my most favorite icons in no particular order:
1.) My first ever icon:

2.) My favorite condiment:

3.) One of my most favorite characters:

4.) Because I love how the blending came out:

5.) This was for and icontest challenge and I love it just because:

I have more icons and general graphic related stuff over at cherry_sin.

List of my fics:
(From earliest to latest)

1.) Slayer - (Gen Buffy) Summary: A slayer and watcher. The dynamic, the changes, the history, evolution. The slayer line. Short. Drabble-ish. One-Shot.

2.) You Do What You Have To - (Gen Angel) Summary: Home. Angel’s P.O.V. SongFic.

3.) Terror - (Gen Buffy) Drabble, no summary.

4.) Effrayé de Moi - (Gen Angel) Summary: Angelus fears one thing. His conversation with the Beastmaster aka Evil!Cordy during ‘Release’ One-Shot.

5.) Crying - (Slash Buffy) Summary: Sometimes Xander cries. Notes: My first real slash story.

6.) Punching - (Slash Buffy) Summary: Sometimes Spike gets punched. Sequel to 'Crying'

7.) Hallmark Sucks - (Slash Buffy) No Summary. Set in my New York!New York! verse.

8.) Ghosting Hands - (Slash Buffy) Summary: Xander likes Spike’s hands. (NY!NY!verse)

9.) A Vampire Valentine - (Slash Buffy) Notes: Drabble! Vamp!Xander.

10.) Letting Go - (Gen/minor slash Angel) Summary: Angel’s thoughts. Post Destiny.

11.) 100 years - (minor slash Angel) Summary: 100 years and following in footsteps.

12.) Beginnings - (slash Buffy) Summary: Summary: Mini Challenge written for thestacks. Challenge: Use the word 'Beginnings' or 'beginning'.

13.) Hidden Miscellanea - (slash Buffy) Summary: Xander and Spike kiss. Notes: My first ever piece of smut.

14.) And Baby Makes...Four?! - (slash Buffy/Angel) Summary: After the BtVS episode "The Gift" Buffy remains dead. Dawn is dragged to live with her father in L. A. Spike, Xander, and Angel are living in the Hyperion fighting demons, earning redemption, and having sex. Oh, and some of that love stuff enters into the mix. Everything's great, well except for that thing... Notes: Abandoned WIP

15.) Learning to Dance - (slash Buffy) Summary: Cole Porter ficathon entry; Xander and Spike dance.

16.) Cave In - (Gen Buffy) Summary: Friendship Ficathon. Willow and Spike are stuck in Spike’s crypt.

17.) Getting Turned Around - (slash Buffy) Summary: Xander’s parents decide it’s time he started acting a bit more normal. Notes: Abandoned WIP

18.) 40 Lashes - (slash Buffy) Summary: Impromptu smut.

19.) Optimistic Territories - (slash Angel) Summary: Spike/Gunn smut during Angel S5 'Life of the Party.'

20.) Emo at the Prom - (slash Buffy) Summary: Xander and Oz at the prom. Written for entrenous88’s emo boys kissing meme.

21.) White Roses - (gen Buffy) Summary: Xander remembers the white roses.

22.) Stray Strangers - (slash Buffy/Angel) Summary: Human AU, written for my EmC ficathon.

23.) HP old fic - (gen Harry Potter) Two small old ficlets found floating on my hard drive.

24.) Letter - (slash That 70's Show) Summary: Eric writes his parents a letter.

25.) Next Time - (slash Harry Potter) Summary: Harry hits the showers after a hot day of practice.

I've also made some fic recs:

Fic Recs List #1
Fic Recs List #2
Fic Recs List #3
Fic Recs List #4
Fic Recs List #5

All in all I've loved finding this place. I've experienced fic writing, living alone for the first time, moving...again, icon making, fandom rejoicing, voice posting, xmas blues, & friend finding all in my first year here. I love my journal and all the friends I've made. I love making icons and reading fic and learning about everyone. Thank you all for making my cyber-life so much better, I love being here and I'm so glad I found livejournal.

Thank you. :)
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