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Fun times at Ridgemont high

I have no idea why that is my subject, I've never seen that movie. :P

So I had an eventful day, and it's barely half over. I've been sleeping super weird lately, I'll sleep like 6 hours and then stay awake 10-12 and then sleep another six hours, OR I'll sleep like 14 hours and then stay awake 16. It's just really weird. So last night I went to bed at night and I got up at 7:30 today. Went out to lunch with mom at Bob Evans. We split a cheeseburger and a fish sandwich so it was yummyness all around.

Then I dropped her back off at home and went to make some xmas returns to Wal-Mart. 106 Bucks! So we hardly ever go to Wal-Mart so I kinda wanted to spend some money while I was there. So first I called mom and asked her if she wanted any clothes, but she said no, so I then did some grocery shopping. Now I really didn't want to spend more than 106 dollars so I went and got a few things, cereal, pop, some chicken, yogurt, you know not essential stuff, but stuff we like that was a good price. So then I went to check out hoping I wasn't over. So what I thought would be between 70-120 was actually $34. I mean wow, do I not know how much stuff is or what?! LOL

So then I went to the library and looked for some books. I ended up getting 'Memnoch the Devil' by Anne Rice, 'Merrick' by Anne Rice, and 'Fight Club' by Chuck whatshisface. I really like Anne Rice. I've read 7 or 8 of her books, and although they are a bit too discriptive and long winded in certain places, I like them for the slashiness and the supernatural romanticism. I'm hoping I'm able to finish both of them before I have to return them. Out of the 7 or 8 books of hers I've read I've only actually finished 2 or 3; Blackwood Farm, Blood & Gold, and The Vampire Lestat. I got super close on Interview(the first one I read), but the temptation to watch the movie was too much and I stopped after I learned about Lestat in the rotted out house.

You know I remember reading Interview in 8th grade, I always read it at lunch, since the only people I could really hang out with had another lunch period. But I remember there was this one teacher Mr. Volbert, he and I had a conversation about Anne Rice books, and then at the end of the school year he gave me two or three books of hers that he'd read. I thought that was so nice. His family moved in three doors down from me when I was in 10th grade, and I waved to him once when I saw him. When I was in 11th grade he passed away from cancer, and a lot of people from my school went to his funeral, and I still feel guilty I didn't go. I don't know why I didn't go, I should have. He was very nice and I feel bad about that, but it's all in the past now I guess.

Anyway, sorry to go off like that. I also put my name on the waiting list for 'The Complete Chronicals of Narnia' when I was at the Library. I'm number 37, but there are 40 books in the system. Did you know the Columbus Metropolitan library has been rated the number 1 library system in the country? I heard that on the radio. *shrug* After I left the library I went through DQ, which was next door, and got a moolatte. SOOOO good. I've had French Vanilla and Cappuccino, but I like cappuccinno better.

So that's been my day so far. I think mom and I are still going to have to go to Kroger tonight and get more groceries, I neglected to get bread and milk and stuff. And maybe we'll rent some videos.

I wish American Idol like rolled over and died so that I could watch House tonight. ;(

I guess I'll just have to watch Clarissa explains it all. :D
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