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Weird Dream

So I've been sleeping really weird lately, and tonight I had a REALLY weird dream.

So it started off normal, I was babysitting for the people I used to babysit for, then a new sitter comes along. Well she tries to show me up to prove she's better than me and more likeable, but I end up kicking her butt. Not in the literal sense. (I do this by coming up with a fun activity to paint this like column the parents have in their dining room, and the kid CJ gets pouty because he can't paint the parts he wants to with me because his sister is, and the new sitter tries to cheer him up, but in the end I'm the only one who can fix the poutiness so I win.) Then we (the parents and I) find out she's(the sitter) been trying to brainwash us with micro-chips in our brains. That's why CJ was being so puty/mean. So then for some reason it turns out she just wants me and my family, so I go home and we find out that people are spying on us, we don't know who, and we need to leave our house. So we talk with this guy about furniture for our new house out in the middle of nowhere, and I remember we were sitting at a piano talking about how no one would be able to put spy stuff in it cause it was too old and small. (It was like an american style classic that we apparently HAD to have at our new house. *shrug*)

Then I remember we had to pack stuff and my grandma was going with us, so of course she wasn't really packed, half her stuff was in plastic bags and she thought we needed like gallons of milk for when we got there, but we were too stressed out thinking about how little we could fit into our van. So then I have to hurry and pack and I go up to my room and it's the old room from our old house, and it's REALLY messy.

So before I start packing I realize that there is a hampster in the old hampster cage. And then I realize I have another hampster cage, and instead of having my original two(one died early on) or one(the one that I had for the longest time) hampsters, I now have three. I call downstairs to mom asking her about 'em, and Mom tells me that one was born on a thursday in January during rush hour traffic. So then I sort of half-wake up being really scared because OHGODTHECOPS/SPIES/MEANDUDESARECOMINGANDI'MNOTPACKEDWITHTHREE!HAMPSTERSTOTAKECAREOF! Then I think that maybe I might have been away at school. (but now I realize I thought I was away with my old babysitter people.) So eventually I decide that we each(mom, grandma, me) have four big blue plastic bins of stuff, plus the hampsters, a cat scratcher the cats and some pillows and blankets all packed in the van. Then I wake up more and am freaked out thinking we have to run away from our home to escape brainwashing spies and I decide that for some reason Grandma would be safe, and me and mom would be able to pack more.

So like the last parts after I wake up for the last time are solutions I give myself, trying to make myself less scared of the dream. It was hellascary at the time and I thought I would be scared forever, but then I turned on the TV and woke up. LOL

That was such a weird dream, and I blame the brainwashing microchips on the movie Disturbing Behavior which I just watched, for the first time, the other day. The rest was really weird. Anyone who knows anything about dreams, feel free to interpret this. ;)

Thanks! :D
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