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Fic Recs List #5

Here is a list of fic recs for the fandoms House M.D., BtVS/Ats, That 70's Show, & X-Men.

Stand With Me by violet_quill (House/Wilson)
Nothing by allybally123 (House/Wilson)
Dance Steps by violet_quill (House/Wilson)
Toxic Lives by katling73 (House/Wilson)
A Momentary Lapse of Reason by Otter (House/Wilson)
All the Effects of Intoxication by Otter (House/Wilson)
Blow the Candles Out by Syal (House/Wilson)
Foreplay by Gigi Sinclair (House/Wilson)
Marriage a Trois by Gigi Sinclair (House/Wilson)
Four Blocks South of Eden by Syal (House/Wilson)
Gamble by Kass (House/Wilson)
Anatomy of a Lie by amazonqueenkate (House/Wilson)
Worry by neverbelonged (House/Wilson)
When Nobody's Watching by flyingsquirrel (House/Wilson)
Maryland by Shallot (House/Wilson)
Pathogenesis and Intervention
by Shallot (House/Wilson)
Surcease by Cori Lannam (House/Wilson)
The Great Minion Adventure by katling73 (House/Wilson)
The Days After Yesterday by Basingstoke (House/Wilson)
The Gift of Giving Back by Smitty (House/Wilson)
Through the Window of a Dark House by Gina Fisher (House/Wilson)
Tipping Point by Kass (House/Wilson)
Trivial Pursuits by milkshake_b (House/Wilson)
Broken by BlackEyedGirl (House/Chase)
Seniority Rights by kuhori_rei (House/Chase)
Butterfly by kuhori_rei (House/Chase)
Care by kuhori_rei (House/Chase)
No Argument by selfishlywarm (Wilson/Chase)
Internal Angles by runaroundkid (Multiple Pairings)
House Fanfiction Archive (House/Wilson)
House Fanfiction Archive (House/Wilson; Wilson/Chase; Chase/House; House/Chase/Wilson)

That 70's Show
Chronicles of the Rebel Alliance by Shadowcast (Closer, Taboo, Fate, Fallout) (Eric/Hyde)

29 Linear Moves by yin_again (Spike/Xander)
49 Circular Moves by yin_again (Spike/Xander
Scaling Heaven by tabiqui (Spike/Xander)
There's Your Trouble by savoytruffle (Spike/Xander)
Reflections by Sangue (Spike/Connor)

Still-Waking Sleep by Mary (Bobby/Rogue/John)
3 Stops Automatically by jrivka (Bobby/Rogue/John)
Sweat For Me by Ash (Bobby/Rogue/John)
Drunk With Power by Ash (Bobby/Rogue/John)
Torrid Gothic Romance by Mary Borsellino (Bobby/Rogue/John)
Disequalibrium by verde_speaks (Bobby/John)
Laundry Day by l_vera01 (Logan/Scott)
X-Men: The Movie Slash Website (Geneal)
Kindle.Shiver.Steal Website (Bobby/Rogue/John)

Thanks! :)
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