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It's really cold in here. Is anyone else having issues with their gas bill. Ohio is getting sucker-punched. Our gas bill last month was 472 dollars. Yep, you heard right. Our house has high ceilings, but we kept the temp on like 72.

This month we're keeping it at about 63. Thank Jesus for electric blankets.

I really need to get a job. I think my depression is getting worse. I have no desire to make anything out of my life, and the only reason I don't like stay in bed and be bored everyday is my computer.

I think whenever I do go back to school I might try to major in Advertising. Maybe make commercials or Print ads. *shrug*

Mom thinks I would be good at that.

I've been slacking slightly on the icon making. Although I have posted some stuff over on cherry_sin before now.

I think I might be getting scoliosis from slumping at my computer. Or maybe a hump. Hee!

My fingers are cold now, so I'm off.

Cheers my lovelies. :) *smooches*
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