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Brokeback Mountain spoilers under the cut.

OMG OMG. So I went with my mom and she LOVED it. She's 49 and the only thing she said was she wished they shouldn't have gone into such detail with the sex between the guys, mentioning that they didn't go into that much detail even with the girls. The first thing she said to me after we left the theater was 'When does it come out on DVD?' *hugs my mom*

Ang Lee is brilliant, the whole tone of the film was amazing, so cold and lonely, dusty and slow, like something hollow and withered with age. Someone who doesn't know films will mistake that with boring and aloof.

The first sex scene was majorly ubrupt, they totally needed another one when they hooked up after 4 years, or maybe not sex, but more kissing and intimacy.

Heath was so perfect and was a lot like Tommy Lee Jones. Jake was wonderfully heartbroken and squashed. The Thanksgiving scene was so awesome, that was the second best added scene.

The argument they had before Jack died was wonderfull, so perfect and beautiful how they've captured the story.

It was a very beautiful very cinematic movie.

The end was pretty much what I expected in certain degrees. I expected to cry when Jack died, but I didn't because I knew the plot, so then I was like 'Ok, I'll cry when Ennis hugs the shirt and cries' I didn't cry then either.

So once Alma Jr. comes around and after she leaves Ennis heads inside and he looks around the mobile home, It was just this heartbreaking moment of 'This is all.' and 'What could have been.' I felt so lonely and sad for him, because he had this sad, tiny, almost pathetic life, and it all could have been so much better and it never can be.

So then he opens the cabinet door and before I can even see those shirts I burst into tears. I was sobbing in a matter of seconds and it was the saddest thing EVER. Just with the shirts and the postcard and the 'Jack I swear...' OMG I'm getting teary right now.

I had to keep from crying out and THEN it goes black and 'He was a friend of mine...' plays on the music and I cry super hard all over again.

So beautifully sad and lonely and hollow, but in the sense that love is a force of nature and until the sun is gone, you'll never know how much you missed it and how much you need it.

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