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Harry/Draco Slash

Title: Next Time
Author: emella
E-mail: kevy_s__girl [AT]
Rating: R
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Summary: Harry hits the showers after a hot day of practice
Warning: Really just smut…
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Notes: I don’t know where the hell this came from. One minute I was just reading my flist and then wendy wanted to be entertained, so this came out. Hope you like it, I really have no idea how it happened. LOL

The rough set of his quidditch robes seemed almost suffocating in the hot heat of early summer. Scotland wasn't known for stiflingly hot days, but the combination of weather and work rubbed into Harry's skin like old seekers gloves, chafing his skin and causing him to sweat. His quidditch robes half clung to him as he rubbed the sweat from his eyes. The afternoon smelled of dust and sunshine with an occasional breeze from the lake.

He licked his lips, chasing away the chapped feeling from months in the cold. Harry ran a hand down the back of his neck, fingers combing the damp ends of his hair as he rubbed his tired muscles. They'd been practicing quidditch all day and the sun and heat were taking their toll. With an exhausted sigh Harry called in the rest of the Gryffindor quidditch team and ended their practice.

After cleaning up the equipment and nearly baking in his hot wool robes, he stumbled into the changing room. He nearly sighed in relief, the shade felt cool and his aching body was a bit happier for it. Slowly he undressed, making sure to pile his dirty robes on the bench beside his locker. The quidditch changing room was small, but big enough to be spacious.

Ron and Jack passed him on his way toward the shower and after nodding to Ron to go on ahead without him he approached the steaming water. The shower did wonders for his tired body, the hot liquid drenched his shoulders kneading the muscles and slowly unwinding him from a day of intense exercise. Harry let the soft sounds fill his ears as he blocked out the world around him and closed his eyes. His body soon succumbed to the rough pressure of the water and he began to relax.

Suddenly a hand landed on his shoulder and he jumped nearly out of his skin. When he turned, Draco was smirking up at him.

"Bit jumpy are we?" He grinned sarcastically and kept his hand on Harry's shoulder.

"Jesus! Don't do that." Harry glared but without real intensity.

Draco took a step toward Harry, moving his hand from his shoulder to Harry's neck. He smiled aggressively and pulled Harry into him for a kiss. Their bodies came together with a small wet slap and Harry opened his mouth to the kiss. Draco tasted of mint and continued to smile into the kiss.

When they broke apart, bodies still close, Draco whispered into his ear. "Have a good practice?"

Harry nodded and placed a hand low on Draco's hip. Draco grinned into his shoulder and Harry slowly moved his hand up the other boy’s side.

Draco's hand found Harry's arm and they began to kiss again, lazily at first, time becoming infinite and all things becoming hazy beneath the water. Steam rose around them and pink skin melded with pink skin. Draco's fingers teased while Harry's caressed and the world all but disappeared in their reverie. Kisses were exchanged; light playful, nearly chaste as hands met tentatively. Bodies leaned into one another and they fit together in well-practiced ways.

When Harry's hand reached for Draco's cock, Draco nearly cried out in pleasure. They were accustomed to one another and knew what was liked. Draco slowly bit at Harry's bottom lip and Harry began to stroke Draco, bringing him closer and closer. The water made Harry's back numb as Draco pushed him further under the spray and they were soon gasping into their kisses.

With a cry Draco came, clinging to Harry and kissing him with ferocity. After his skin stopped humming Draco began moving, rubbing his hands along Harry's shoulders, up to his neck, through his hair, everywhere he could reach. He wanted to fit inside Harry, to live in his skin and feel the addictive hum of orgasm every minute of every day.

Harry gasped when Draco's hip came in contact with his cock and soon they were writhing together, pressing into the wall and grasping for more. Harry began to suck on Draco's neck while moving against him, trying to feel more and more and more and he couldn't get enough. Draco was moaning, low in his throat aching for Harry, needing him more. Harry came with a gasp, hands clawing at Draco's back, pulling him closer as his eyes opened wide, body sparking out and prickling with the raw electricity of his orgasm.

After a moment of panting beneath the spray, Harry's lips met Draco's and they kissed, again almost chastely, as if they hadn't almost just had sex. Their skin was tingling and the water was scalding. Their lips met several times more, searching out answers as to why they did what they did, why they met like this and why they couldn't get enough. This hadn't been new for them, each time it felt like the first and each time they wished it was the last.

When they separated Draco smirked and stepped back. "Next time." He nodded at Harry and backed away.

Harry smiled lightly and nodded back. Yes, there would always be a next time.


Thanks! :)
Tags: fic, harry potter, hp/dm, slash fic

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