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That 70's Show fic

I don't know why I wrote this, but I hope you all like it, if you actually read it. LOL

Title: Letters
Author: emella
E-mail: kevy_s__girl [AT]
Rating: PG
Pairing: Eric/Steven
Time period: Mid/Late season 7 (after Red opens the Muffler Shop)
Summary: Eric writes his parents a letter.
Notes: I don’t know why I wrote this, but I did, hope you like it. :)
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or places, I just own part of the plot.

The small envelope felt old and dry in Eric’s hand. He ran a finger along the two creases from where it had been folded in his pocket. The small wrinkles in the paper made him feel nervous, he could feel the future in the small square of paper. He turned it over under the table, hiding it from everyone’s view. He smiled into his conversation over breakfast while grasping the letter.

Kitty laughed about something to do with work and Red nodded in amusement. They ate their breakfast as usual; everything the same.

Hyde smiled a hollow smile at Kitty before taking a small bite of eggs. Neither of them had really touched their food.

“Eric, are you working on Friday? I need someone to watch the shop for a few hours, you could manage for two hours right?” Red asked him in an annoyed voice.

Eric’s voice caught in his throat and it took him a second to respond. He mumbled out a quick ‘sure’ and took a drink of juice.

Kitty stood suddenly and Eric’s hand tightened on the letter. His palms felt clammy, as if he’d been out in the cold, despite the bright sunny morning. Kitty picked up her and Eric’s plate and began to clear the table. She always had a knack at knowing when he was done, even when he hadn’t eaten everything.

Hyde met his eyes over the table and they had a silent conversation. It was almost time to go.

Once the table was cleared, they all stood and Kitty handed Red his lunch. She turned to Eric, “I’m making meat loaf for dinner, so be home by 7 alright?” She smiled and patted his cheek. Eric nodded slowly as she turned, questioningly to Hyde. Hyde smiled and then hugged her. She made a quick noise of surprise.

“Thanks for everything Mrs. Forman.” Hyde smiled and stood back again.

“Oh! Well you’re quite welcome!” She giggled and picked up her purse. “I’ll see you boys later, and don’t forget about the meat loaf.” She turned and headed to the back door.

“Wait, Mom?” Eric called after her.

She turned to him and Eric sighed silently, “Just, just have a nice day.” He smiled at her.

“Thank you Eric you too!” She smiled happily and nearly skipped out the door.

Red, who had been fiddling with something on the counter turned to leave. “You boys be home on time.” He nodded to them and headed for the back door.

“Yeah, thanks dad, have a good day.” Eric swallowed slowly, feeling the envelope press into his palm.

“Thanks Red.” Hyde replied.

And then they were gone.

Eric took a shaky breath and ran a hand through his hair. Hyde was still watching the backdoor. After nearly a minute in silence Hyde took a step closer to Eric.

“Do you have the letter?” He turned his eyes on Eric’s asking him more questions than he was voicing.

Eric inhaled slowly, “Yeah.” He glanced down at the letter and read his familiar writing. He glanced toward the counter by the stove and lurched forward. He gently placed the letter on the counter, in the middle, obvious to anyone who entered the kitchen.

They both stared at it momentarily before they faced each other. Eric’s voice got a little scratchy as he asked, “Did you put the others in the Basement?”

Hyde nodded glanced toward the hall where the basement door was.

“Ok,” Eric began shakily, “Let’s go.”

Hyde pulled a door key from his pocket and set it gently next to the letter. Eric watched him do it, eyes downcast.

They made their way to the back door, Eric pausing to lock it, before they slowly filed out, leaving the kitchen behind.


That evening when Kitty came home from work she bustled through into the kitchen and sat down her bag of groceries on the counter. She hummed to herself as she unpacked the bag and then folded it up for later use. She was just about to begin dinner when she noticed an envelope where her groceries had been. She frowned slowly and picked it up. It had Eric’s handwriting on the front and was simply marked, ‘Mom and Dad.’

She shrugged slowly and opened the envelope.

Dear Mom and Dad,

By the time you read this letter Steven and I will be gone.
I’ve been waiting for a long time to figure out my life. I’ve never really known what or who I would be when I grew up. I feel like I’ve been waiting for a magical moment to happen in which everything will become clear and I’ll no what to do with my life. I feel that a lot of my life has been spent living a lie. Nothing has ever felt normal in my life, and the only thing I’m certain of is that I’ll never be that same person I always thought I knew.
Recently I’ve become aware of myself, and discovered more about me than I’ve ever known. I feel happy, completely happy for once because I know who I am now. I know what I want in life and I know who I want to be. More importantly, I know who I am.
I’m gay.
A few months ago, I discovered that I had feelings for someone else, and he returned those feelings. Steven and I are in love with one another and we are leaving. We know you probably can’t accept who we are or that we want to be together, so we thought it would be easier to leave. We understand that things will never be easy for us and we might never be the same again. We can’t lie anymore, it’s not who we are and it’s not who we want to be.
We’re leaving for Chicago. Steven has a friend there who will let us rent a room. We’ve got enough money to get us there and to secure jobs. We left the Vista Cruiser by the front curb, and the keys are in my room. We’ve packed a lot of our stuff, but if you don’t want to keep the rest, please give it to Donna, she’ll know what to do with it.
I understand that you are probably angry and shocked, I know I would be, but this is right, for all of us. You guys did nothing wrong as parents and there is nothing that could have made me different. I’ve always been this way, I just never really understood it until now. Please don’t place a blame on yourselves or anything like that. I’m not sick or crazy and I couldn’t have been different.
You guys are the best parents ever, more than I could ever want and I don’t expect anything more from you. Steven also says that you guys have been wonderful, the best family he’s ever known, and he can never repay you for the kindness you’ve shown him. He thanks you and leaves his door key.
Thanks for everything, and remember that I love you.



When Red Forman came home that night, he expected to smell a whiff of delicious meat loaf and to hear the sounds of a happy family. Instead he found his wife slumped over the kitchen table, no food in the oven, no happy family. He called to her but she didn’t turn. He moved to her side and noticed a letter, a key and an envelope on the table in front of her.

“Kitty?” He asked her quietly, “What is it?”

He took a seat in his usual chair and his wife looked up at him with red tearful eyes. She blinked slowly and pushed the letter across the table. Red frowned and picked it up to read.

When he finished the letter he set it lightly on the table and stared at her. She was staring at the wall, her eyes blank. After a moment her eyes slid to meet his and they shared the same thought.

’We’ve lost our son.’


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