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Recs list #4

Ok, so I was cleaning up my bookmarks and I decided to post these links instead of just tossing them. Even though I don't dig some of the fandoms anymore doesn't mean y'all can't. So here is my LONG overdue Rec List #4.

Italics = Really Good

Provocation by _obsession_is_ (S/X)
A Place Called Home by ladycat777 & xanphibian (S/X)
AU teen boys kissing meme by entrenous88 (Different pairings)
Wake Me Up by savoytruffle (S/X)
Naïve Melody by septembergrrl (Conner/Oz)
I'd Rather Be in Cleveland by BeachEngineer (LOST CROSSOVER) (Xan Gen) (WIP)
S Curve by tesla321 (A/X)
Poetic Justice by vichan (S/X)
Satori (Kick in the Eye) by glossing (A/X)
Shacking Up by entrenous88 (S/X)
Pure Reason by Annakovsky (RPS Dom Monaghan crossover)
Untitled by inlovewithnight
Wait for the Beep by nwhepcat
Affected by winterlive (S/X)
Woo Me with Words by brynspikess (S/X)

Dom Monaghan/Billy Boyd Rec List by airgiodslv (DM/BB)
Contention by thepsychicclam (DM/Elijah Wood[EW])
Fraternity by talesinbloom (AU EW/Orlando Bloom[OB])
Keeping Track by kaydeefalls (OB/EW, DM/EW)
Redefinition by airgiodslv (Fic Site - LotR/RPS)
Subversion by Calico (LotR RPS orgy)
The Closet by Dee (DM/BB)
Manflesh by Dee (Fic Site - LotR/RPS)
The luckiest Dog in the World by pecos (OB told from his dog's point of view, some het, some slash[OB/VM])
There are Things by airgiodslv (OB/EW/DM)
Unfanoning by Gabby Hope (Gen mostly)

Veronica Mars:
In the Tabloids by missambs (Duncan/Logan/Veronica)
Oh Look What You've Done by passionflows (Duncan/Logan/Veronica)

Harry Potter:
Stealing Harry by Sam Vimes (Gen with Remus/Sirius)
Underwater Light by Maya (Harry/Draco)

House: (House/Wilson)
Getting the Point Accross by darktrent182
Not Another Date Part 2 by genagirl
Kiss by genagirl
And the Roads that Lead us There by neverbelonged (Mostly Gen/No actual Slash)
Routine by coldwaterflat (Mostly Gen/No actual Slash)
Infectious Personalities Part 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 by katling73

Thanks! :)
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