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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

So I waited in line, and then got great seats. When I got my ticket at the automated thingie I found one stuck to the side of the machine for tomorrow at 10:30pm. I could go again for free.

No previews for the imax version i guess.


OMGWTF Barty Crouch was in the first scenes with Voldemort & Wormtail & FrankBryce. So all these people who paid and read the books, walk in, sit down, and go WTF who is this fucker? And I realized, Barty Crouch JR.

The rest of Harry's dream/first scene was normal. Harry wakes up at the Weasleys and off they go to the Portkey. Cedric pounces out of a tree and greets them. Ginny and Hermione swoon. The Portkey process was neat. Everyone enters the QWC camp and its like a thoroughfair and Harry goggles as he enteres the Weasleys tent. Cut to the Quidditch stands, the weasleys are climbing to the top, but they get snubbed by the malfoys who are sitting in the ministers box. Apparently the Weasley sit in the very very very tip top seats, not in the box. The Quidditch teams fly out, Irish showing their leprachaun, Bulgarians showing Krum. Cut to AFTER the match in the Weasley tent.

Yes, After.



I was really pissed about that. The Weasleys are in the tent talking about the match, slashy moment of Ron half swooning over Krum and Harry and the twins picking on him for it. Mr. Weasley tells them they have to leave, they leave the tent to a crowd panicced. Harry gets swept off in the crowd and knocked out, wakes up with EVERY tent burned to the ground, not a soul around and he's pretty much unharmed. We see Barty Crouch Jr. (BCJ) cast morsmordre and Harry sees him but not his face. Hermione and Ron run up to Harry, the aurors pounce before Mr. W innterupts explaining their kids and all is set right.

Scene on the train with Harry smiling at Cho, Hermione complaining about the Prophet.

At school, like I thought, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang show up on the first day and the tournament starts the first day. We see Karkaroff look sneaky and enter the great hall to be creepy and make us think he fiddles with the cup. Cut to the next day Cedric puts his name in the cup. The Weasley twins try, grow beards and



They stop when Krum puts his name in. He glances at Hermione on the way to do it. There is eye-meetage

Cut to the feast where the champions are selected. All are picked and when Harry is called he slinks down in his chair, trying to be ignored, Hermione pushes him out. Ron looks pissed.

Harry goes to the Ante Chamber trophy room and the adults accost him while the other champs look on dumbly. Barty Crouch basically says Harry has to compete.

Snape McGonagall Moody and Dumbledore talk about stopping Harry from competing, McGoogles is really the only one for letting him not compete, the rest want him to.

Cut to Harry in the dorm, Ron hacked off. Ron angstyness/Harry annoyingness. OMG *snuggles GOF Ron* Cut to Mad Eye Moody class. Same spider is experimented on. Imperius on Ron and Malfoy's head. Cruciatus to 'torture' Neville. AND OMG Since when is Hermione VULNERABLE when just TALKING about spells? They made her all whimpery and afraid to talk about Avada Kedavra. Mom said it was probably because she didn't want him to kill the spider.

Cut to the stairs, talking about class/Sad Neville.

iM STARTING TO FORGET WHAT ORDER THE NEXT FEW SCENES COME IN. And oops caps lock, sorry too tired to fix.

Cut to Champions posing for picture, Rita has a dreadful interview with Harry.

Cut to Harry in the Owlrey, recieving a reply to his earlier letter(sorry forgot about that scene cant remember where it was) to Sirius. Sirius's voice reads letter and talks about Harry meeting him in the Common room.

Cut to Harry alone in the common room. He sees Ritas article starts to read it but doesn't, he tosses it away then he talks with the lump of embers that is Sirius' face. Sirius warns him. Ron shows up, hearing voices. They quarrel.

Cut to the lake, Harry hanging with Neville, Hermione being an Owl while Ron relays stuff to Harry.

Cut to Harry meeting Hagrid at night to view the dragons. Hagrid mentions Ron saw the dragons, Harry's mad Ron didn't mention it.

Cut to Harry roaming the halls/outside, the cedric/potter stinks badges are on peoples clothes, Harry walks outside and up to Cedric. Warns him about the Dragons.

Harry sees Ron, walks up to him, tells him off for not letting him know about the dragons.

They part and Harry runs into Malfoy, they talk/quarrel, Malfoy starts to curse him and Moody shows up.Ferret scene with McGoogles and Moody.

Cant remember the next few scenes, but I think it's the task next.

First task pre-task. Champions are Nervous, Hermione is worried, she rushes in and hugs Harry. Rita catches it. Champions pick their dragons. Harry has a great chase/fight with Dragon. Gets the egg.

Cut to Gryffindor common room. Harry acts self-centered and pleases the crowd. The egg squeals. Harry and Ron make up.

Cut to McGoogles/Dancing scene. Awkwardness/Girly giggles and Boy annoyedness. Cut to Neville practicing dancing in the dorm. Cut to sequence about people getting dates/Krum being followed by girls. As he passes Hermione he glances at her interestedly. The trio in the 'study hall' type setting. Ron and Harry complaining they dont have dates. Ron recieving his dress robes. Scene with Ron and Fred asking Angelina. Ron asks Hermione off handedly, she gets pissy, Snape is funny.

Cut to Harry asking Cho to the ball in the owlrey.

Cut to Gryffindor common room, something happens and Ron comes in being helped by Ginny Hermione and others. He shouted at fleur to go out with him. Then he ran. Harry remembers seeing the Patil Twins and runs off after them.

Cut to the ball, Pre-ball, Ron dressing in robes, Harry looking suave. Everyone meeting in the entrance hall. Ron feeling bad for Hermione and her lies about having a date for the ball. Mcgoogles telling Harry he must dance. Padma commenting on Rons robes. Ron and Padma leave. Champions wait in hall. Hermione looks gorgeous. Champs all head into the great hall. Dancing.

Cut to Harder Dancing while a band sings. Flitwick is passed around above the crowd. Ron Harry Padma and Parvati are sitting over toward the side. Parvati leaves. Ron complains. Hermione come s up all girly and awed. Ron pisses her off/saddens her.

Cut to Ron and Hermione leaving the ball fighting. Ron and Harry head upstairs after being scolded. Hermione sits on some steps to remove her shoes and cry.

Somewhere in there Cedric tells harry to take a bath with the egg, and its sort of like a come on/lewd suggestion/riddle/slashy moment.

Cut to Harry bathes, Myrtle interrupts, he figures out the clue.

Cut to the library, the trio sleeping/looking up stuff. Moody comes to tell Ron and Hermione McGoogles wants them. He suggests Neville help Harry re-shelv books. They figure it out about the Gilly weed.

Second task, they go for a swim. Harry makes it to the champs, Fleur is disqualified before hand because of the grindylows. Cedric takes cho. Krum takes Hermione. Harry gets ready to go and then takes Gabrielle. Before he can reach the top he starts to change, he is attacked by grindylows, he sends the two up to the surface and is pulled down. He blasts the Grindylows and is barily able to shoot himself out of the water. He comes in SECOND.

Cut to Crouch senior commending Harry, Moody comes up, does this snake-like thing with his lip, Crouch sees.

Cut to the trio and Hagrid in the woods, Hagrid talking about the first times he met them. Harry finds Croush dead.

Cut to Harry going to Dumbledore's office, he overhears the minister and dumbledore and moody discussing the dead man.

Harry is greeted and the others leave. Harry finds the pensive and gets sucked in. Karkaroff is on the stand, he gives some names, one being snape, the last being BCJ. BCJ is in the house and he lunges for the cage in which karkaroff is held, Moody snags him. BCJ is taken before the judge/magistraite/person in charge AKA Barty Crouch Senior. BCJ says hello father or something and Barty denounces him as his son.

Harry is pulled out of the penisve He and Dumbledore talk.

Cut to Harry walking to the dorm, he hears something and sees a door open, Karkaroff is showing snape his dark mark and they are talking. Karkaroff runs off. Snape threatens harry with Veritaserum and mentions the missing polyjuice ingredients. We THINK its the old ingredients from book 2, but its the polyjuice someone else is brewing.

Cut to the third task intro. Dumbledore announces that Harry and Cedric are tied and that they will go first. Moody creeps out of the maze, he looks at Krum and I think thats when Krum gets cursed.

They enter the maze, its creepy and beforehand Dumbledore warned them that there were no creatures, but they themselves might change.

They show all the champs. Cedric running around, getting almost squashed by some hedges. Harry looking confused. Fleur freaking out. Krum with his eyes spelled and sort of like whiteish. Fleur is attacked by Krum and the hedges almost eat her. Harry find her and sends up a flare.

Harry runs off, soon he is accosted by Krum. Krums eyes are still whiteish, he looks at Harry and moves on.

Harry goes through more maze. He runs through like an intersection and sees the cup, a spell flys past him, Krum is going after Cedric and Cedric is trying to get him back. Cedric subdues Krum and then starts to go after him. Harry stops him and explains hes been cursed.

They both start to run for the cup. They're clwaing at each other as the run, trying to beat the other. Vines and hedges are trying to grab them. Cedric trips and is almost eaten by a hedge. Harry hesitates to save him adn then does. Cedric tells him to take the cup and Harry says no. The hedges start to close in and they both make a run for it. They stop at the end and Cedric says to take the cup, Harry suggests they take it together. They run, before the hedges can get them and both grab it. THey are transported to the graveyard.

Harry feels weirded out and Cedric states the obvious that the cup was a portkey. They sort of Wander adn then Harry sees the riddle tobstone. Cedric comes around the stone toward harry and then harry buckles with pain from his scar. Cedric asks whats wrong and then Wormtail walks into the clearing carrying baby voldie. 'Kill the spare' 'Avada Kedavra' 'NO!' and Cedric flys back.

Wormtail makes the skeleton headstone of the riddles hold harry captive while he brings voldie to life.

It is really creepy and cool.

No red eyes.

Voldie summons the death eaters. They fly out of the serpent shaped part of a darkmark shaped cloud.

Voldie gives a speech, asks them why they didn't find him, singles out Lucius. He mentions Wormtail serving him, and OMG EW There was a totally slashy moment. He like runs his finger up Wormtails jaw and rubs his head in like a relationshipy way. Creepy/gross.

He gives more speech. Wanders over to Cedric mentions how it was a tradgedy to kill such a handsome boy. Harry cries out/protests. Voldemort talks about why Harry beat him when he was a baby, about Lily's love, and then how he can touch harry, and he touches Harry's scar.

He lets harry out of the tombstones grip and tells him they will duel, He makes Harry bow to him, not through imperius. Harry tries to cast expillarimus, voldemort gets him with crucio. Harry runs behind a tombstone. Voldemort taunts/tell him hes being a coward and he would kill him like a coward if he wants. Harry leaves his hiding spot to face voldie.

Spells collide and then the cage forms. they go back and forth a tiny tiny bit, then the ghosts come out. The parents tell Harry to go, Cedric tells him to take his body. Harry goes, accios the cup and is transported back with Cedrics body.

He immediately crys out over Cedrics body and hes sobbing on him. Everyone around him is cheering thinking Harry won. Everyone cheers for like EVER. Dumbledore runs up, Harry is sobbbing and won't let Cedric go. Dumbledore reassures him and tries to pry Harry off. Harry crys and says that Voldemorts back and people stop cheering and Amos runs up, 'MY bOY!? tHATS MY BOY!'

Everyone starts to cry/be sad. Harry is crying and Moody grabs hi and pulls him away.

Cut to the castle. Moodyis in his office with Harry he asks about voldemort, runs out of polyjuice, just before hes about to kill/hurt harry Dumbledore McGoogles and Snape show up. They see BCJ transform and Dumbledore orders snape. 'Severus!' Snape pours the veritaserum down Moody's throat. They discover who he is and where the real moody is and then Dumbledore mentions that Azkaban will need it's prizoner returned.

Cut to the feast for Cedric. Tearful and sad. Dumbledore informs them of what happened.

Cut to Harry in the dorm half way done with packing. Dumbledore comes in, tells an anecdote about the bed curtains. He says they 'Dark and difficult times...' line/speech.

Cut to the foreign students leaving/Harry looking sad/envious/odd. Cut to the trio meeting up in the hall and all wondering about normal school years. Hermione kisses Harry on the head.

Cut to Beaubaxton and Durmstrang vehicles leaving.

And thats the end.

NOW, On to my thoughts.

The first 15-20 minutes were horrible. They were choppy and rushed, and OMG NO Quidditch! None at ALL. They made a huge mistake by bypassing that. No Winky/top box either. No Forest scene with the trio.

The tournament beginning was fine. Moodys entrance stunk, sort of.

No Spew AT ALL.

I liked the amount of Neville, and how he was in this movie more.

There were a LOT of slahy moments between Harry and Ron and it was a pretty slashy movie.

The first 2/3s of the movie were hilarious. REALLY funny.

I didn't like how in this movie you didn't really get to know Cedric. He was just sort of there, an aquaintence. In the books you got to know him and thats why his death is so wrenching. JK also makes him out to be pretty nice and gentle. Sort of pure and innocent in the book. In this movie, I felt he was sort of defiled when he became like a glory hound during the last part of the third task.

The scenes in the Graveyard were amazing. That scene was the best played scene in relation to the book, ever. It lived up to the book to the fullest.

The actor who played Voldie ROCKS. It was really great seeing Vold come alive, because when you read the books he's just this evil mean force, but in the movies your really get to see that he really is just a person. He still walks and talks like normal people, he's just a bit mutated. It was nice to see Voldie come to life. That whole scene, and the actor, proved that in the end Voldemort is just human and in the end he might die like a human.

It was interesting.

Most of the scenes lived up, I was REALLY mad about the BCJ begninning scene and the no quidditch, It was dissappointing.

Also, Emma Watson can't act. In this movie, Hermione has four roles/faces, pissy - vulnerable - nice friend - and swoony girl. Emma Watson also makes Hermione into this real timid/wimpery girlyish girl, which is really untrue to the character.

Dan has come SO far. A few times I was like, 'Oh he did so good!' He still needs to learn how to cry though.

Rupert did marvelous, I loved the hurt Ron. Rupert just *is* Ron, he really became Ron for me in this movie, he's like achieved the goal of being the character. Dan doesn't have it down perfectly, Rupert does. By movie 6 Dan will *be* Harry, but for now he's better than he was. Emma I doubt will ever really get/be Hermione, but I hope she does.

This movie was really good.

The movies out of 10:

Philospers/Sorceres Stone: 6 1/2
Chamber of Secrets: 4 1/2
Prisoner of Azkaban: 8
Goblet of Fire: 9 1/2

Overall, it was kinda awesome. :)

I might talk about this movie more tomorrow, but for now I am *Dead* TIRED. And sorry about the typos/grammar/and caps errors, it's 4:45 and I'm exhausted, I've been typing this for an hour and 45 minutes. *sigh*


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