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Fucked up dream

Ok I'm going to write about a dream I just had that was sooooo odd. I'm also so sleepy that My words are just ...sucky.

Ok, So I wasn't in the dream at all. It was like a movie with a family and a group of people I've never seen. It's all in the future, like centuries in the future. It's like this family, dressed like cave men, and they are walking in this huge group of other cave-men type people, through the snow/shoveled sidewalks, and they are going to this huge museum. Like a Nautral history museum, to live. It's also apparently in California. They are the last humans on earth, and they're gonna live there. (I realize later that they live there together locked down so that the monsters don't get them.) So then they start talking about why they're there. Apparently sometime after the 21st century all the cows died out or got eaten up or something because they talked about people wanting to eat meat a lot. And things just went down from there. Then the little girl of the family asks if people were happy. She's like 10 or so. She wonders if maybe, like back in the third century if they were still happy. (like they aren't now)I also know she is refering to the 3000's. Then it like morphs or something and this family is living in a wing of the museum with other people and they keep their wing all locked up except when they need to go to community things or to get dinner or whatnot. It's kinda like a college campus type deal, food elsewhere.

So then Vincent Karthreiser and some girl are like crushing on each other, and he's about 15 and she's 13 or so. So it's raining in the museum for some reason, but not in their wing and the two leave to go shower. (They have community showers.) They had had this whole conversation before but I can't really remember it, something about being surprised and Connor feeling dirty, like physically dirty and needing to shower. So they leave, into the rain, and they are walking down these steps when there is a growl. I'm watching this like in 3-D. And then their back in the wing and the whole family is debating what to do and then the monster gets in and it's actually not that scary. It's kinda like thoose monsters from Star Wars that people ride, huge lizard horses or something. Anyway, they 'fight' the thing and then the scene morphs and this guy who like takes care of the museum or something is in a car, driving home and he says something ironic and witty and completely scary before holding up a 1950's milk bottle with milk in it. Implying he's managed to breed cowns or clone them or something.

That dream was just so bizarre. And I have a headache. :(

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