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CJ is the Devil

Raise your hand if you've been stressed out by a five year old.

So, I am a babysitter, I work part time, 9 hours a week. 9 HOURS A WEEK!

I am stressed over a job in which I work 9 HOURS A WEEK!

So every tuesday, wednesday, and friday I got to the people's house at 3:45, take the dog out to pee and wait for the kids to get off the bus.

At 4:15 they eat snack and we watch TV.

Sometimes they/we play outside, but the snow has been harming our outdoors time lately so usually we watch TV until 5. After five I make them do something else. Almost everyday I end up putting CJ(6) in time out. He yells and screams and doesn't listen. I have done everything I can think of to get him to stop acting like a little shit head, but It's impossible. I've been his friend, his teacher, his babysitter, his older sister, and his punching bag. UGH! I have been nice, mean, nurturing, sweet, stern, and LectureHappy!Emily, but he will not stop yelling/picking fights.

His sister Helena (8) is the best kid in the world, happy, polite, nice. Her brother though, is the devil.

The whole situation had made me soooooo fed up that I quit. Well, I was going to leave in the spring anyway, I just finally set a date today.

I can't do this anymore, I need to eradicate the CJ's from my life.
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