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*bangs head on desk*

I think I have writer's block, but then I get all these book ideas and I have no idea what the hell is going on.

Ok, so I wrote like bunches of fics when I was into Buffy, I can barely write a three page genfic in HP. I think it's like a sickness or something.


I've gotten back the beta'd version of the little one shot fic I've written. It sucks and I can't write.

I was reading some of my older fics earlier, god they sucked...

I need a tape recorder. I was bored today, laying in bed and I came up with three book ideas, THREE! Plus I re-aquainted myself with the characters from my uber-fantasy-LotR-drama thing that I can't seem to write.

Can someone just inject me with discipline shots so that I can just sit down and write the damn thing? It's getting annoying.

On another note, I really don't want to have to work tomorrow... What else is new?

I have an orthodontist's appointment Wednesday, and I think I might have to go downtown this week. I have to go fix some stuff at Columbus State before I can register for classes.

Who knew my life would end up sucking this much? I really honestly think that Senior year of high school screwed me over for life. I'd really just like to move on, but I can't seem to get past that 'omg, omg I'm going to fail in life, never have money, and OMG I'LL HAVE TO DO ACTUAL WORK!' part. Yeah, life sucks.

God it's late. It's 7:30 in the AM and it's still dark. That's so misleading sometimes...

I need abouther 5 hours added onto my day.

Anyway, sorry to ramble and be all meany-weird-annoyed.

note: the icon suckiness is for me</i>
Tags: angst, book, future

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