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Lazy Bum, Pimpae, and Quiz

First off Pimpage: HP trio fic: -Tis very excellent, I liked it very much.

Also I was a lazy bum today, I was supposed to work, but I called in sick. I'm really not liking my job, and I was dumb to think I could work 8 hours on a Sunday. I also have massive anxiety and it crept up on me today, so I almost didn't call in to work. Gah, I was so afraid something bad/confrontational would happen.

It felt like school all over again. *shudders* Oh, for those of you who don't know, my last year of highschool I had like a nervous breakdown type thing and missed a month of school. Had to go to therapy and then I dunno, just depression and what not. Suicidal crap.

ANYWHO, today I was so sleepy that I didn't want to go so I had a psuedo anxiety attack over having to call in and say no, I'm not coming in... I hate lying, I hate it SO much that I don't know why I do it. blah...

I was trying to think of careers/jobs I could do that I really WANT to do, but I couldn't really think of anything...

I might be going to school this winter, online. I'm not sure where, but probably Columbus State. Not sure what I'll take though.

I guess that's it for today, I leave you with a quiz:

You Are 40% Weird

P.S. If anyone knows where I can find an HP beta, I would be very greatful. Thanks.
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