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Wee! So I went to see Serenity. Very good, but one thing really irritated me and one thing I didn't like.

The irritation: When Mal basically says he's kicking Simon and River off his boat because they aren't the crew and they're dangerous; When in actuality on the show he almost kills Jayne for nearly turning in River and Simon.

The not liking: WASH! Garh! It's another Joss thing, he kills off the character you don't know you'll miss until they're gone. (Tara) I cried like a baby, and then OMG at the end when Mal is sitting in Wash's chair, the dinosaurs... *Sob* Shepherd dying was kind of understood, and for some reason I didn't cry. I was sad, but I didn't get to the point of tears until Wash.

Overall I liked the movie and the whole BAD!Alliance/Reaver thing. This movie is one of if not the only movie where I truly thought they might all die. I mean for a bit there it looked like yes, actually they were going to die, Joss and everyone did a fantastic job on that part.

The movie was a bit too much River centric, but I get that that is what they were going for.

As a whole I would give it 4 to 4 1/2 stars out of 5. Not 5 because I HATED that Wash died, and also I didn't really like the morose and sad feeling at the end of the movie. I don't want to walk away from a movie feeling sad, but maybe that's just because I watched the series and really kind of knew/liked Wash.

Also, I totally squeed when the HP trailer came on. I got a teensy bit excited for Narnia, but I almost squeed out of my seat for HP. My mom thought it looked cool too. :D

Also, check out my new HP icons! My current default is the still, and this one is the anim one. :D

Later y'all...
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