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The Hair-color-shagging Meme

I'm starting a meme. Yes this one is a tagging meme too.

Ok so what you do is pick a few fandom characters that you think are attractive, according to hair color. Then pick another character in ANY fandom with a DIFFERENT hair color and answer one the 6 questions below for each couple. Then tag 3 people.

Brunette: Angel from the jossverse PAIRED WITH Spike
Blond: Justin from QAF PAIRED WITH Xander Harris from Buffy
Red Head OR grey hair: The Weasley Twins from HP TRIO'D WITH Veronica from VM
Black hair: Severus Snape from HP PAIRED WITH Legolas from LotR

1.) Where is the kinkiest place (Couple's names) had sex?
2.) Who would cheat? (Person A's name) or (Person B's name) and why?
3.) Which person is ignored more in their relationship? (Person A's name) or (Person B's name)?
4.) Who is better at foreplay and why? (Person A's name) or (Person B's name)?
5.) What did (Person A) and (Person B) do on their first date?
6.) What is (Person A's) pet name for (Person B) and vice versa?

2.) Who would cheat? (Justin) or (Xander) and why?
Justin would cheat on Xander with Brian because Justin just can't live without a little Brian love lust.

5.) What do (The Weasley Twins) and (Veronica Mars) do on their first date?
They go to the movies where both twins are in awe. Also, George's feet get stuck to the floor, Fred laughs a lot at the muggle explanations of things, and Veronica is amused with both men.

6.) What is (Spike's) pet name for (Angel) and vice versa?
Spike's Pet name for Angel: Mr. Broodypants, or Captain Forehead. Angel's pet name for Spike: Annoying.

1.) Where is the kinkiest place (Severus & Legolas) have had sex?
Probably their bed. I can't imagine Severus being very wild now-a-days, maybe somewhere like up against a wall in a deserted dungeon corridor?


Have fun girls. :D
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