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Fannish thoughts

Lost was great tonight, I LOVED the Mike/Sawyer slashy bits, and everything with the hatch was great.

I really don't understand how Jack and Desmond could have met up 5-10 years ago. I mean how old IS Jack? Could it have been that long ago?

I was so pissed because our tv had it that VM was on channel 18, well we switched from Lost on a commercial, and it was some stupid infomercial, luckily I managed to find the right channel and switch the vcr, but can anyone tell me what the first scenes up until she gets arrested are?

VM was OK, and I was so happy for Charisma, it seems like a running theme for Angel stars to reinvent themselves, or at least go back in time like 5 years.

Work sucked today... blah.

Tomorrow my (paternal) grandparents are coming over. I have to clean like crazy tomorrow, PLUS I have an Orthodontist appointment. *grumble grumble*

I've happened upon a community that looks pretty cool, it's shoebox_project, it's MWPP&L fic. I'm pretty sure SB/RL slash. :)

Anywho, I'm off to agonize over getting up at 8am.
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