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Meme again...

Taken from lunabee34

Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
1) Did lunabee34 break up with you? I'm surprised she hasn't by now...
2) Would you ever date miladyhawke? Sure, we can share Orli love.
3) Is miladyhawke friends with _beetle_? Dunno.
4) What would irda do differently in your shoes? Walk a little funny.
5) Is entrenous88 an emo? Dunno.
6) Is pecos athletic? I dunno, but the dog is wound up. :)
7) What would you do if you found out toobusy2write has a crush on you? Use her for sex or fic. Not sure which right now. :P
8) Does kitty_poker1 have a big secret? Probably.
9) Where would eliade most like to visit? No clue, some place exotic most likely though.
10) Would you wrestle irda in jello? LMAO. No, we would stand over the jello and invision sawyer and viggo wrestling in it.
11) Would you set up ladycat777 and toobusy2write? Sure, they both rock at writing
12) Is jjjean65 1337? Huh?
13) lit_gal's eye color? No idea.
14) What languages does wesleysgirl speak? ummm... English?
15) Which president would nashmaveric be likely to idolize? LMAO no idea.
16) What is rubywisp's favorite food? Would it be weird to say peaches?
17) no_remorse's hair color? Dunno.
18) What color should ladycat777 dye their hair? Bright orange.
19) How long have you known umbralillium? about 6 months.
20) Has jjjean65 been to your house/dorm? Nope.
21) How long would flaming_muse dating umad67 last? Umad is a fictional character...
22) What is _beetle_'s favorite movie? Oh, um... OH! OH! LotR
23) If kerryblaze and hammil77 were spliced together, what would be its name? kerrymil7
24) One quality you find attractive in inlovewithnight? Her fangirlishness
25) Does inlovewithnight do drugs? Dunno.
26) One thing you can't stand about nashmaveric? I don't know enough to hate. o.O
27) Is teh_indy in a relationship? No idea, I love teh, for the art.
28) What is tabaqui's favorite game? Vaccuming. HAH!
29) Do you have a crush on kita0610? Nope.
30) Are lit_gal and entrenous88 married? I doubt it...
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