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WOOOOO! New Layout!

I LURVE my new layout, I did it with the help of s2flexisquares. I love the colours, and my new banner which I am SO happy with. I was going to a multi-fandom hard core pop art feel, I hope that came accross. I also added a new sidebar section called 'Current Obsessions' it's just what I'm into right now.

Watch out, randomness ahead:
Anywho, today I had to work from 1:30 to 5:30(I got a job at JCPenney Catalog btw), and OMG it went so slow.

Tomorrow I have my last day of 'sponsor' training, and then 5 days of peace! YAY! My job is boring and annoying and I have to be cheerful, but WHOEY! $9.16 an hour! :D

I've got a list pinned to my bedroom wall, it's called 'The List' and I have my 'to buy...' things on it. I've gotten one item with what little I had in my bank account, but I'm down to like 15 bucks. :( Thankfully pay day is friday. :D

Some of our furniture was delivered today, we ordered it a few days ago. We've got a (leather) chair, a (leather) sofa, and a (leather) loveseat and in the store they looked blue-grey, but after they were delivered they took on a strange purple-blue-grey color. Ah well. We're putting them in our sunroom, but we can't figure out how to lay them out right, right now it's as good as it gets, but we may get sick of having to not face each other. (Ok, its a big long story but basically there are two focal points in the room, and to view both of them you can't have a conversation area... it's awkward.)

Bones was rockin' tonight; I love drooling over Dave. WOOO! And Lost and Veronica Mars are on this week, I'm gonna have to tape 1. :( Oh well, YAY NEW SHOWS!!

Oh, well I'm off, I'll chat at you all later. :)

P.S. I need to update my mood theme.
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