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Ok, so I was woken up today by the phone. Gah! Mom got an earlier flight home from Chicago and I had to pick her up at 3:45. I hate the freeway. Is it like a rule that everyone has to go 75 miles an hour?

We then went to see the house, they haven't done anything on it. We're building a new house, pics and stuff are here.

Then we went to Max & Erma's with Grandma. She is getting so old. She'll be 80 in June. She's actually pretty well for 80. She's survived breast cancer and diabetes.

I also got an official Beta reader last night, umbralillium She's cool. I wrote a ficlet in the New York New York!verse last night, but it needs some stuff done to it. I also made a new wallpaper here.

Lately I've been listening to music that has been inspiring me to make vids. I've made one, A willow Tara vignette type thing with the song Collede by Howie Day, but I don't know how to make it available to download though. I'm in the process of a GoTR/Spike-Buffy Vid but I'm kinda in a lull with it.

I also have some fic recs, here.

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