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So yesterday my mom and I went out to dinner with family and we saw a kid attempting suicide. He was sitting on a freeway overpass and fire fighter type people were underneath on the ladder talking to the kid.

Made me think for a bit about my suicidal thoughts. It's so funny, because I want attention, but everytime I think about suicide I'm horrifide by the idea of doing something public like that.

I'm in a decent place right now, that's all I'm gonna say on that.

I have a job interview Monday with the JC Penney call center. So, cross your fingers for me.

Tonight we went over to my aunt's for her birthday and visted a bit. We played poker and I won the biggest pot of the night.

My other aunt made me feel guilty for not having a job. I know she thinks I'm lazy and a bum and horribly selfish... And I've just realized, when I was little her husband, my 'uncle' didn't like children so he therefore didn't like me, intimidated me and made me feel incompetent and stupid. Well now I sort of realize why they're together.


My cousin got back from Hawaii, he spent a week there and he said he loved it. I may have to go someday.

I went online shopping and looked at all the pretty clothes I can't buy... blah.

I am so sick of junk email. My inbox is filled with emails about penis enhancements and getting it up and stuff. Do I look like a boy!? Ah well, screw them... ha! literally!

There was something else I was going to talk about, but I can't remember what...

Oh well.

I think I'm off to bed. Maybe I'll read a bit.
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