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Blah blah ouchie finger

So my finger still hurts...

On another note, I applied at JC Penney today. For the call center. My aunt works there and she really likes it, plus you get like a moolah discount.

Blockbuster, the skanks, never even called me back.

We went furniture shopping today, found nothing.

Had dinner at Ruby Tuesdays yummy. :)

I'm waiting to watch one of my new shows, Weeds, on Showtime. Those Mother Fuckers at Showtime cancelled poor Dead Like Me *cries* and with QAF off the air it's going to be so sucky.

I need some money so bad so I can buy the QAF DVDs, that and the LotR DVDs, I watched those last night and I was yearning for the slashiness of it. And OMG is Orlando Bloom gay. I was watching the behind the scenes thing and he was like petting both Viggo and Sir Ian; he petted Viggo's hair and like hugged him, and then he was rubbing Ian's stomach. LOL GAY... :)

Mmmm Viggo and Orli.... *drool*

OH! Sorry! What?

Ahh lol, So I'm reading more HP lately. Any HP readers need to check this out. It's an awesome board of fic searches and recs. :)

Well, I think that's it for now, ttyl alligator.
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