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Woooo! Long day...

So I'm cracked, I woke up today BEFORE 7 AM *without* an alarm! I know, I'm nuts.

No, but yesterday I went to help out my aunt at her quilting shop. They are doing this Shop Hop thing where you go around to all the quilt shops in the area and get a little passport stamped and then you get entered into like a 9 thousand dollar raffle.

Anyway, So I was out stamping passports, and then I had to leave at about 1:45 for my othadontist appointment. So ok, y'all know how we just moved? Well So I've also not been driving much, so I had to drive TWENTY FIVE MILES just TO the orthadontist and then another twenty five home, and thats on top of the 20 I drove going out to my aunts shop.

So last night after I got home driving through Columbus at RUSH HOUR, I all about collapsed, because on top of all this I had only 4 1/2 hours of sleep.

So I went in to listen to Harry Potter in my room, and after about an hour I fell asleep. I woke up again at close to midnight, was really mad for some reason and took it out on my mom, not really, bu I was mad she didn't bring dinner. Meh....

So then I ate some and went into my room to listen to more Harry Potter, and after about another hour and a half fell asleep. So that's why I am up at buttcrack in the morning. Because I got like 9 hours of sleep, my usual, so I guess all is good.

Anyway, ttyl Y'all.

P.S. I promise to be back on IM's soon.
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