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So I went to Barnes and Noble a few days ago. Bought four books and pre-ordered Harry Potter.

Book one I finished in 6 hours. The Clique by Lisi Harrison -An ok book, there wasn't much of a resolution, but then again the conflict wasn't as conflicty in the end.

Book two I want to read badly but can't because I have to finish HP OotP first. Like We Care by Tom Matthews. Sounds neat-o, about what happens when teens stop buying all the crap meant for them. Hateful music, cigarettes, junk food, Tv.

Book three I never would have bought based on the cover art alone, hence though, I read the back before seeing the front. The Secret Country by Pamela Dean. Five cousins have been playing a sort of RPG secret game about a world where they shape their destinies, but what happens when they are somehow sent to this country that is on the verge of war?

Book four I'm not too sure about. I bought it for the obvious, but I'm not sure. Rainbow High by Alex Sanchez. Grade 10 Up-Nelson Glassman and Kyle Meeks, best friends for many years, are gay teens at Walt Whitman High School. Kyle becomes romantically involved with basketball jock Jason Carrillo, while Nelson embarks on a strained relationship with Jeremy, who has tested positive for HIV.


I'm so excited about Harry Potter. I'm re-listening to HP and OotP on cassette, and I'm up to chapter 12, so I guess that's better than nothing. Any of you HP shippers, do y'all remember the good old days before book 5 came out and there was a magical time of wondering what was to come. Where you could find Excellent GenFics and the future was left up to you.

I think with each new book the mystery and purity of the HP fandom dies a little. It's like there isn't any mystery so some of the magic is gone. It feels weird when you know how dark the story is going to get.

I think pre-book five was the golden time of the fandom. When there was a shade of grey that you could revel in and write about, that you could make black or white, but now all you have is a whole lotta black.

Sorry to be all weird. LOL

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