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Ok, so lets all repress [EDIT: AND BOOK STUFF!!!! :D ]

Let's all repress the 'Emily went Crazy' posts.

Yes, I was disappointed as fuck. Yes I was mad. Yes, I was depressed. lets leave it at that.

I thank you all for your kind words, but I will not respond to them, because... Well I don't know but I'm not responding to those. You'll all find out soon enough why I'm mad/angry/repressing/depressed.

I might not be able to get online for a few days, we're moving tomorrow and sunday and we won't have non-dialup service until sometime next week.


Ok, so blah.... I want to read, but I also want/need to write. My book, not fic. I would like to write fic, but my book needs to come first now-a-days.

So wanna hear the premise? Tell me it sucks before I spend a year writing it. :D


Four teenagers "fall through the looking glass" and are sucked into a world they've never even dreamed of. They all find themselves somewhat separated.

Dorian (Age 17 3/4, Melissa's brother, Chris's best friend) finds himself near the kindom of the Elfine, the Elven and Faerie home to thousands. He becomes a friend and honored guest to the Elfine and even friends with the hot prince who is next in line to rule.

Melissa (15 1/2, Dorian's sister, Jackie's best friend) and Chris (17, Dorian's best friend) find themselves in the palace of men, they become friends with a timid hand-maiden and are ensconced into a beautiful world in which women are meant for beauty and men are meant for duty.

Jackie (15, Melissa's best friend) finds herself in the company of a band of Draáform. Nomadic, animal, shapeshifters that are looked down upon by the other races. They're secretive and Jackie soon has to give up her suburban bubble-gun outlook for one of a troubled, disowned warrior.

The world in which they enter is full of secrets. The kingdoms and races are separated from each other, The Elfine are weary of others and men and draáform have been on uneasy terms for a time. The Ogre's and Trolls that usually stick to the mountains are journeying south into common lands, spreading unease.

The looking glass through which the four teens entered was broken long ago and the shards have been scattered. What of this nameless faceless whisper in the hills? What about the rumors of the darkness, shifting on the breeze? What does the 'magic mirror' have to do with this evil?


Ok, this is like so gay of me to write out a crappy little book jacket blurb, but you get the picture. lol

Tell me what you think. :D
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