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EmC Ficathon Master List

Ok, here is the master list of stories for the EmC Ficathon. :)

_beetle_ wrote for empty_inside: The Place Where Time Isn't (William/Xander) R [Song:'At Last' by Etta James]
cashewdani wrote for umbralillium: Delicate (S/X) Hard R to NC-17 [Song:'Delicate' by Damien Rice]
umbralillium wrote for rayne_y_daze: Late.
dtkokoro wrote for nasty_shrew: Doesn't Matter (S/X) Maybe PG-13 [Song:'It Doesn't Matter' by Alison Krauss]
emella wrote for jameschick: Stray Strangers (S/A, S/X) PG-15ish [Song:'We Might As Well Be Strangers' by Keane]
empty_inside wrote for dtkokoro: Two Weeks 1/3 (S/X) NC-17 [Song:'The Best Thing' by Savage Garden]
jameschick wrote for _beetle_: Are We the Waiting (Gunn/Wes) PG [Song:'Are We the Waiting' by Greenday]
kat8cha wrote for vampiric_mcd: Late.
nasty_shrew wrote for xanphibian: Hold On (S/X) R [Song:'Hold On' by Jet]
nineplaces wrote for piratepurple: Late.
piratepurple wrote for nineplaces: Vindicated (A/S) Mature [Song:'Vindicated' by Dashboard Confessional]
rayne_y_daze wrote for vampirellabites: ...And Sin no More (S & Gunn) G [Song:'Walk On' by U2]
vampirellabites wrote for kat8cha: On My Mind (X/Linds) NC-17 [Song:'Don't know Why' by Norah Jones]
vampiric_mcd wrote for cashewdani: Late.
xanphibian wrote for emella: Late.

Hope you guys enjoy, I'll be updating until the list is done, so make sure to come back and check it out. :D

Thanks to everyone who participated, and I hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks!!!! :D
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