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New Crying/Punching Drabble New York verse!

Ok, So I said 'Crying' and 'Punching' were complete, but I never said I wouldn't write more for the future. So I am. Gonna write more. I've decided on a future verse, I'm announcing the NewYorkNewYork!Verse. Spike and Xander living in NY a year and a half after Not Fade away.

About the verse:

Wes is dead. :(

Gunn is crippled (Hey, he's human, he was in a coma for two months and then he woke up, now he's crippled.)

Lorne lives in Miami. He calls the AI team a few times a year, but that's it.

Illyria and Gunn and work for Angel in L.A.

Connor goes to NYU, He and Angel talk... but not really.

Wolfram and Hart have disposed of their L.A. branch. Their L.A. branch was the biggest.

Buffy and Dawn live in France. Buffy is dating some guy, Mr.Boring No-Name. Dawn just graduated high school.

Giles and Willow live in London permanently working for the council. They travel, Willow mostly. Kennedy lives in Austrailia, away from Willow - Thank God.
The Council head is Giles, there are a handful of surviving/retired watchers, plus new junior-watchers.

Faith and Wood live in Cleveland, they regularly bitch slap the hellmouth there.

Andrew lives in New York, annoying the crap out of Spike and Xander.

No one but AI, Andrew, and Xander know about Spike.

Xander is a freshman(almost sophomore) at NYU, his company is paying for him to go to school to be an architect. I have yet to determine if Spike has a job or not.

Anyway, the reason I am posting this is because I wondered if I could hear some input. I was wondering if I could get requests/inspiration for stories. I want to write Drabbles and ficlets, so my ears are open.

I'm also not abased to just writing about Spike and Xander. Anyway, Let me know what you think or want.

Thanks! Luv you guys!

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