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Omg WTF?

So ok, WTF? I got an email from my cousin. It turns out that there are some pharmacies out there that will not sell birth control. Here is the automated email:

Dear Friend,

In an outrageous move to stop women from preventing unintended
pregnancies, some pharmacists have refused to fill prescriptions
for emergency contraception and other birth control pills. The
reason? They believe it is in conflict with their moral beliefs.
Birth control is basic health care and restricting access to
prescriptions is nothing short of discrimination. Don't let
ideology trump sound science -- join our Fill My Pills Now
campaign today. Speak out on behalf of patients' rights.


It is astounding this kind of behavior would even occur in
society today. Let me pose this question; would any of these
pharmacists who believe "family planning" is morally wrong
refuse to fill a prescription for Viagra to an unmarried man?
But wait! If this pharmacist thinks family planning is a realm
he is free to invade, why isnt he stopping pre-marital sex? It
is rediculous ladies, and we need to stand up to these idiots

Take a stand now before they tell us we can't have advil for
cramps because it is unholy to have a period.

So girls go out and check it out, before you are the one being banned birth control.

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