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Phantom of Veronica meets babble about beauty

So I watched Phantom of the Opera tonight. It was ok, the music gave me chills, but that was more nostalgia. I saw the play when I was about 10 or 11, and that was way better I think. Well, maybe not better, but different in a good way. Like the movie wasn't as good as the play. Lol that's what I mean.

The play is coming to Columbus, maybe we can go see it.

I remember the beginning with the chandelier and the music, during the play, was the best because it scared the crap out of you. And during the play they made the chandelier rise to the middle of the auditorium, it was awesome. It was also funny, for me, because they had this cliffhanger for the intermission, and I had never been to a play before, so I was like 'Oh man! That was so good!' Like those were my words, and I didn't realize it wasn't over.

Those were the days, when you could watch a movie or a play and not know what to expect, not know when the end would be. It left things so much more exciting and fun.

Woo, on another note, I've been downloading VM(see earlier posts) like crazy and I was so mad this morning(afternoon) when I got up and the power had gone out, causing bitTorrent to close, thus stopping my download for like several hours.

Also: I want to write a book, and I know my basic idea, but I'm not sure I have the motivation/drive/inspiration to write it. It's sort of Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings meets the Goonies meets Alice in Wonderland meets teenagers from suburbia.

I've realized what I want to do with my life. I just don't know how to do it.

Call me a daydreamer, but I want to create and show the world beauty. I want people to realize the imagination. I want people to see what you can imagine, what you can do, or create or fantasize about. I want to show them what I see. I'm not sure how to do that, but hopefully it won't be too hard. I just, I have these fantastic scenes and images in my head that I want people to see. I want to inspire people the way I've been inspired.

See as I get older I realize how much the world sucks. Yes blah blah better than nothign blah blah love. All that is great, but to realize that life isn't horrible, you have to experience it to the fullest, and to experience it you have to have hope. Well who can have hope if the world sucks? (I know, this probably makes no sense.)

I want my book(which I'm rapidly turning into a movie) to be beautiful and I want to give people hope. I don't want to give people the answers to life, but maybe I can show them how to find them. I want people to watch my movie, or read my book and go 'wow' but then!!! I want them to think about it.

Movies and books have made me passionate about so many things, and I want other people to experience the joy I get from them. I love getting lost in a world that is beautiful or funny or triumphant, and until the world doesn't suck so much, I will continue to get lost in these worlds. All I want, is to show people, that if you really want it, things don't have to suck. The world is cold and cruel, but why, if we can imagine beautiful lands, peaceful places, and funny plots, can't we change the world we live in? I want to make people feel what I feel after a good story. I want people to be inspired.

A good story will make you think; A great one will inspire you.
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