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Gnah... gnah

*hums along to song*

So I went to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. Yummy-umy Quesadia. :)

Hunted up and packed more Garage sale stuff. Went through more Backstreet Mags. *sigh* I couldn't give up their comic book or the photo book they've published. It was sort of sad and traumatic at the same time.

I'm selling the first and pretty much only impulse buy my mom bought me-an electric guitar and amp. I had one lesson and quit. lol

I should probably go to bed, I gotta get up at like 6:15. Gah. I got up at 5:15 today. PM.

I should also work on my sooper-seekrit Xandrew story, It's almost half done, so that's good. I'm at about 1200 words right now.

Ficathon story also needs to be written, but I have a good hold on what I'm gonna write.

Side note: My cat Sofie is adorable.

Later y'all.
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