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Grilled Cheese and weird ears

I'm eating grilled cheese. I love it. MMMMM with Ketchup!

The wedding was ok. It was probably 80+ outside so we were all dying, but it was neat. Stephanie wore her mom's wedding dress, which was also neat. My grandma made my aunt's gown, and then my cousin wore it. The guy she married is cool. His family were there and they seem nice. Stephanie was going crazy, like she was really stressed, and the sleeve's of her dress didn't fit, so she was like really uncomfortable. Dude, I can't believe she's married. She and I used to hang out at Grandma's house together when we were little. (She's 4 years and 364 days older than me.)

I caught the Bouquet again. Out of all of five people, and it was heading for my mom, but I snatched it from her. I kinda feel weird about that. Like maybe it was a bad thing to snatch it. My cousin Brian, caught the Garter, he's almost 40 and hell, I'll probably get married before him. Also there is only like a 20% change I'll be getting married ever.

The food was ok, but I hate picnic/barbeque food, so blemk about that.

I swum in my aunt's pool, where the reception was. Most people did. My aunt used to decorate cakes, and she made the wedding cake, and it was super pretty. Stephanie's color was lavendar and she had purple calililies, so the cake had these really pretty calililies on it.

I feel like shit. I haven't gotten my prescription yet, so I'm still all sick, and I think I've gotten worse. I'm sneezing like crazy, my ears keep popping and I have this mucus thing going on. It's blecky. PLus I'm all pool achy meets sick achy. :(

Gnuh, I need to be fixed.

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