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Star Wars

Ok, so the previews:

-SQUUUEEEEEE!!!! For Serenity!! Haven't seen the show, but will, becuase the movie looks KICK ASS!
-Batman looks cool. :D
-Fantastic Four looks FANTASTIC!
-I saw the trailer for Narnia before, but it was great on the big screen and mom and I both want to read the book(s) first.
-War of the Worlds looks EXCELLENT, but then again, steven spielberg, so that's like gauranteed.

OK, Star wars:

-Opening sequence rocked, I LURVE R2! And omg slashy much when Anikan was carrying Obi-won.
-Natalie just wasn't that great in this movie, I really like her, but she was like 'the girl' in this movie and I don't really dig that.
-The Jedi Council was cool, all the cute little youngling Jedi.
-The buildings were super neat in here and I love the architecture.
-I knew that Palpatine was the Emperor from watching Return of the Jedi and Episode one almost back to back. So basically, I knew he was evil.
-I loved Yoda in this movie, I felt like George Lucas really did justice to him. We've all made him into this fantastic Jedi Master(since the original second one[Episode 5]) and I feel like here is when we are really showed how great he is. We saw that he was powerful in Episode 2, but I really think he came together in this one.
-Killing that half robot half alien general dude was cool. The four lightsabers was awesome.
-I didn't like the fact(and my mom agrees) that Anakin went from confused to evil in like a day. And OMG what was with him pledging his loyalty and kneeling at the Emperor's feet? That was corny and stupid, because a half hour earlier he was really damn confused.
-I love the fact that we get to see that tiny human sliver of good(that Luke magically saw after he learned Vader was his father) permeate through into evil Anakin. I mean I love the fact that he turned evil to save Padme. I hate that the evil polluted him and basically made him kill her, but making him do it to save his wife is better than just making him evil.
-It was cool to see Chewie and the Wookies. I had a bigfoot moment at that. Hey maybe Bigfoot is just the last living wookie. XD
-The Lava planet looked awesome.
-At first I thought ok, George Lucas is trying to make Anakin evil. But when he went and killed the younglings I was shocked/gasped because that told me he wasn't just Evil, he was evil.
-When all the Jedi were killed off it was so sad. I felt so horrible for all of them, especially Samuel L Jackson and Beard dude.
-I hate hate hate hate the Sith lord/emperor guy.
-The Yoda/Sith lord fight was awesome. :D
-The Obi-Won/Anakin duel was excellent. I loved it and the backdrop of the lava was totally bitchin.
-I felt so bad for Obi-won for having to battle Anakin, but I was also a bit mad that he didn't just end it there. Of course you knew he couldn't.
-That was cool that George Lucas added in Obi-Won grabbing Anakin's light saber. It showed that he remembered about that in Episode 4.
-I thought it was kind of dumb that Yoda magically had this great new Jedi techniche for coming back after you die, ya know the thing that Qui Gon supposedly brought back. That was stupid.
-I loved Ewan McGregor's portrayal of Obi-Won. He really is excellent.
-I told my mom yesterday, that they HAD to have erased 3PO's memory, and I was like 'HAH!' when they did.
-The first scene with Vader, coming to life, made me tingle.
-When he took his first breath, it was like... wow, I got to see this in the theaters and omg 'It begins.'
-The Baby/Death/Vader thing was cool and sad and *happy sigh* all at the same time.

Overall I really liked this movie. I give it 4 1/2 out of 5 stars, or a Hard B+/A-.

In other news, I went to the doctor today and I have some sort of upper respiratory virus thing. Bleck. My nose is all gross.

I also have to go to my cousin's wedding tomorrow, so I won't be aroung 'till late tomorrow.

I think that's about it. Night Guys! :D

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