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Emo Kissing Meme

Title: Emo at the Prom
Author: emella
Rating: R
Pairing: X/O
Summary: Xander and Oz at the prom.
Notes: Written for entrenous88’s emo boys kissing meme.

Tell me what you think. :)


“You don’t need her.”

Xander blinked slowly before turning to Oz. He sighed, “Yeah, But, I mean, couldn’t she have waited until some other night?”

Oz nodded slowly, and rested a hand on Xander’s shoulder. “Did she say why?”

Xander snorted, “Yeah, she said she couldn’t be seen dating some goth kid.” Xander’s stomach twisted in knots and he could feel his cheeks burning. “And she did it in front of everyone.”

Xander brought his hands to his face and curled into himself. The school steps were cool beneath him and Oz’s hand was warm. He could feel his eyes prickling and he took a deep breath, “I mean I really liked her, I could’ve maybe even loved her!”

Oz’s hand began to rub his shoulder in an attempt at comfort.

“And it’s not Goth! I mean she knew how I dressed when she started going out with me!” Xander looked dejectedly down at his outfit. He was wearing a dark-navy-electric-blue tux with a bright blue and white checked shirt. His bow tie was the same color of bright blue and the shoes were also the matching blue. Oz and he had gone to a local store and rented their formal wear specifically for the occasion. He’d even spiked his hair into a faux Mohawk for the evening. Oz had said he looked great, but apparently Cordelia hadn’t thought so.

Oz nodded, “She just doesn’t get emo, she only knows Prada and Gucci.”

Xander made a sound somewhere between a whimper and a sigh. Oz stood up suddenly and then turned to Xander. He pulled Xander up and nodded at him, “C’mon.”

Xander frowned but followed anyhow. They walked out to the parking lot and Oz opened the back of his van. Xander had always admired the van, the back was covered in shag carpeting with two lava lamps and a blow up mattress folded in the corner. Oz climbed in and began to blow up the mattress. Hey, it was the most comfortable seat in any vehicle Xander’d ever been in.

Once the mattress was blown up Xander climbed in and Oz closed the van doors. Soon they had the lava lamps going, the music pumping and Oz even had some weed.

A half an hour later Xander was pleasantly buzzed and Cordelia was the last thing on his mind. He smiled fuzzily over at Oz, “Hey man, what--what happened to Willow?”

“Oh, she hooked up with Tara after all.” Oz smiled over at him before lying down on the mattress. He stared up at the ceiling, at the tons of little glow-in-the-dark stars above.

Xander smiled and lay down beside him, “Yeah, I knew those two couldn’t stay apart.” He began to giggle, “Man your van rocks. Look, look at those.” He pointed to a cluster of stars and giggled as they blinked at him.

Oz laughed in response and rolled over to face Xander. He caught Xander’s eye and their laughing trailed off.

It felt like forever to Xander as Oz’s lips descended down to him. The kiss was fuzzy, a warm relaxed hum that made Xander’s senses tingle. He closed his eyes and Oz’s hand crept up to his jaw, cupping his face and pulling him closer.

Oz’s lips were softer than he’d thought and he sighed into the kiss. He licked along Oz’ lips and brought a hand up to his friend’s side.

Oz opened his mouth and their tongue’s met in a slow blaze. They kissed lazily without real purpose except to feel good and everything began to burn brighter. The mattress behind him felt bouncy and solid at the same time, confusing his senses. Although that might have been Oz’s doing.

He giggled at the thought and broke the kiss. Oz smiled down at him and began to kiss his neck. Xander’s laughter quickly turned to moans as he felt Oz’s teeth graze along his Adam’s apple. He tangled his hands into the smaller man’s hair and tipped his head back further. He moaned low in his throat when Oz began to untie his bow tie.

After the tie was gone and several buttons were undone, Xander felt a hand graze his nipple and he arched into the touch.

Oz smiled up at him and moved up so that they could kiss a bit more. Their lips met and soon they were dueling in an urge neither knew existed. Xander’s hand found the back of Oz’s head as the other hand pulled him closer. He groaned when he realized not only was he hard, but Oz was as well.

Xander’s erection was pressed into Oz’s hip and Oz’s into his. They arched and began to grind into each other as the kiss deepened. Teeth nipped, lips sucked, and tongues danced as they kissed furiously. It was the hottest thing Xander had ever experienced and he never wanted it to end. He rolled them both over and broke the kiss, looming above Oz.

He stared into Oz’s eyes, asking silently whether it was alright to proceed. Oz smiled up at him and Xander dived down for more. He kissed Oz steadily and began to work on the buttons of his tux. His hands slipped but finally he managed to get a few undone and he licked and kissed his way down Oz’s chest.

When his teeth grazed a nipple Oz moaned low in his throat, sounding like a caged predator. The sound made Xander quiver and he assaulted Oz’s nipples with more frenzy. He bit, sucked, licked and did anything and everything he could think of to turn Oz on. It was amazing to Xander, that he would get such an intense reaction, Cordelia barely let him get to second base, and she was never as enthusiastic about it.

Oz’s hands wound into Xander’s hair and he brought Xander up for a kiss. The kiss was slow and hazy and made Xander want to just live in it forever. He blinked slowly and grinned when he realized Oz was thrusting up against him. Xander groaned and shifted them slightly, causing their dicks to press against each other.

Oz gasped and gripped his shoulders as Xander began to move. He thrust forward, eyes closed, just feeling Oz beneath him. The feeling was incredible, the friction making them want even more. Xander moaned when he felt Oz’s fingers seek out a nipple and tweak it, sending a spike of pleasure down his spine. He opened his eyes to find Oz staring up at him, eyes glazed over with pleasure.

Xander grinned and bent down, meeting Oz’s lips in a passionate kiss. They rocked back and forth lips melded together, bodies arching and twisting to reach all new heights of pleasure. Xander was barely aware of Oz digging his nails into Xander’s shoulder before he was moaning and arching. Oz broke the kiss and began to shiver and groan as his orgasm burned through him. He jerked and stretched, pulling taut like the string on an instrument before bonelessly melting beneath Xander.

The force of Oz’s orgasm spiraled Xander’s into action and soon he was moaning right along with him. He clung to Oz, pushing and rubbing further and harder into the man below. His cock spurt great waves of come as Oz relaxed and when he was finally done he rolled off Oz with a sated sigh.

They were both breathing heavy and when they finally caught their breath, Oz turned to him. “Think we can still get our deposits back?”


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