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1) Total number of fandoms I like:
Hmmm, Welp let's see, if you mean current fandoms I'll go with four, of course Buffy, Lost, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. All though, I've shipped a total of 6 1/5 fandoms.

2) My first fandom ever:
RPS Het More specifically the Backstreet Boys *blushes in shame* *was a rabid teenybopping fangirl*

3) My most recent fandom:
Lord of the Rings

4) Five fandoms that currently mean a lot to me (in order of preference):

1)Buffy/Angel - Love love love Joss's work. I love the buttsex subtext in Joss' verses. He is the ultimate master.
2)Harry Potter - Irda got me hooked on these, and they are probably some of if not my fav books of all time. HP fic is very fun and magical it just has something about it, like a quality that makes you love it. Plus ya know, great mpreg. :P
3)Lost - That show is going to drive me crazy with the cliffhangars, but weee! Season finale on tonight! :D
4)Lord of the Rings - This is a new fandom for me and it's tied with below, but Dom and Elijah are sooo yummy.
4)Queer as Folk - Tied with above. I love this fandom SO much. The show is amazing and the fic is great. (B/J 4EVAH! *hehe* )
5))RPS(Boybands) - This fandom scares me, because I was such a geeky teenybopping nerd! (lol) It ushered me into fic and most importantly slash so it will alway have a special place in my heart. :)

5) Tag five people:


Have fun! :D


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