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I'm feeling scattered today. So I got up, later than I liked and went to work. It was ok but Helena always wants to go into her friends' house and when I give her a time to come home she gets pissy with me. Thank god it's only a little longer 'till it's over.

I also went to the mall today. I bought CJ a KB Toys gift card for his birthday, and I got Helena a Build-a-bear card. There's also this place in the mall called Gloria Jeans, they make this coffee smoothie thing, its Banana and Coffee and whipped cream and Ice, it is soooo Yummy.

I was really happy when I got to the mall, the Parking Spot god bestowed good faith on me and I got the first spot next to the handi-capped spaces. It was awesome. That is soo sad that I was that happy about a parking space. Ahh well.

I'm off to watch American Idol, eat Burger King, and try to read some stories. Wish me luck!


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