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Hello, I'm a loser

Hello, My name is Emily, you may refer to me as Em, Emella, or The official non-stalker of David Boreanaz. Okay, so that last one is kinda not true, wait, I mean it is true, I'm not a stalker I just think David Boreanaz is soooooooo hot.

Now that my hormones have asserted themselves, let me greet you and welcome you into my probably only journal entry. You see, I am a loser who never follows through with things so, this might be the last time you see me.

I am an 18 going on 19 year old college student-ish (I haven't actually started yet) and I write very sad/depressing fics. I also spend about 8 hours a day reading/searching for Slash fiction.

I have no life.

I really don't, people with no lives think I'm sad and lonely, which is scary.

I'm new to this LJ experience, anyone that feels like helping me out and being my friend, (God I am so retarded)is welcome to.

So that's me, for now anyway.

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