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Ok, So I gave in

So I got Netflix today. Yup all three LotR. I've given in and am watching the first one again. Yeah yeah I know. Ok So Here's some random thoughts of Fellowship:

-Omg Bilbo and Gandalf totally used to get it on. That whole scene in the cottage, I could so see them involved like back in the day. I mean who hugs that much?

-Ok, Lol, I had to comment; The Inn of the Prancing Pony? Is that like a middle Earth gay club? Sounds like it!

-Is it wrong to laugh at the two old wizard dudes fighting? For some reason I thought it was funny.

-Dom Monagham looks so young!

-Strider or Striker or whatever his name is, he reminds me of Sawyer from LOST.

-Ok, sorta gay to have four hobbits in one bed.

-Those Ringwraithe dudes remind me of dementors. :D

-OMG Sam and Frodo are totally like together. They care for each other a bit too much.

-I kind of want to see some Strider/Frodo slash, Strider keeps carrying Frodo around and it's sort of cute.

-Oh man, I could so see Aragorn and Boromir kissing right before Boromir dies, this movie is sooooo slashy.

-So the scene in the boat with Sam and Frodo was also very slashy.

-Orlando Bloom is very bird-like.

This movie is better than I thought. I think the hype is a bit big, but overall I really like it. The cinematography and digital effects are wonderful. The plot is pretty good, but a bit hard to understand. It helps to watch it more than once. Over all I would give it 8 1/2 out of 10 stars. or 4 1/2 out of 5. Yes I'm sticking my foot in my mouth and admitting that it is good.

Now on to Two Towers.

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