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On Campus

Forgive me, the headline is false-ish, I'm ALWAYS on campus, but I'm up at the Student Union right now.

I'm sorta bored.

Had a talk with irda earlier, discovered I'm a selfish brat. *sigh* The icon thing is why--Don't ask.

My new comm TRI -- Total request Icons tri_iconrequest is doing ok. One request so far. I wonder if we'll get more people, I hope so. :D

My Ficathon is bombing. I have 6 people, which I suppose isn't horrible, but I would really like at least double digits. Please guys, sign up. You don't have to write an epic, and you'll have nearly 5 weeks.

Oh well.

Finished re-reading Queen's Gambit last night. Forgot that the last third of the story bugs me because Nicci is squicky. *shrug* I'll deal with it.

I hope we get to read the Butterfly Effect soon. That story is sooooooooo good. QG is good too, but when I read them I read all three(QG, Demon's Aria, and the third one I can't remember the title of) at once so The first one is slightly imcomplete. Slightly.

It will be interesting to hear what people think.

I need to remember to compile my third Recs list when I get back to my comp, I have my recs all bookmarked and the disorganization is annoying. Have I metioned I'm a control freak?

You know what's weird, I have so much stuff that's like in traction. School is in traction, My major MPREG fic with Lorraine is in traction. Our new house is in traction. My comm and ficathon are in traction. My sim contest entry is in traction though I doubt I'll win. It's very odd that everything is in traction.

I'm kind of rambling at this point, oh well. Maybe I should put this under a cut. Nah, I'll force you all to read it.

La la laaa la. *dances around in front of keyboard to annoy everyone*

Sorry to ramble and spam.

Does anyone actually read this?


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