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FIC: Cave In

Title: Cave In.
Author: emella
Rating: PG
Pairing: Willow & Spike
Summary: Friendship Ficathon. Willow and Spike are stuck in Spike’s crypt.
Warnings: None.
Timeline: Mid S4
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything but some of the plot.
Notes: Thanks to lunabee24 for the beta. This story was hard to write. I’m not sure I’m satisfied with it. It was written for nicole_anell, who wanted Willow & Spike, working undercover, an unbearably cute animal, “truth or dare”, and unexpected heroics. I hope I did everything ok. Let me know what you guys think.

Please review! Thanks! : )


“Are we all ready?” Giles asked from the driver’s side of his car.

“I’m not so sure about this. Why do I have to be the bait?” Willow frowned and wrapped her arms around herself. “I mean what if you can’t get there in time? Or what if it gets the puppy!” she whined before gesturing down to the puppy at her feet.

The happy beagle puppy barked up at them and wagged his tail. “Aww, he’s talking to us. I can’t let him get hurt! He’s talking to us!”

Buffy half-rolled her eyes. “Look , Will, everything will be fine. I’ll be just around the corner. I could hear you without the walkie talkie. There’s really nothing to worry about.” She laid a hand on Willow’s arm to reassure her.

“Yeah, and Giles will be down the street listening on the walkie, and I’ll be, well I’ll pretty much be waiting,” Xander smiled and quickly added, “But you’ll be fine.”

“Yes! It will be fine. Adult male Garzdag demons hardly ever go after furry animals. Usually they just try to maim and skin young adult female humans.” Anya added brightly.

Everyone glanced at Willow awkwardly, save Anya, before she finally bit her lip and decided on her resolve face. She would do it. “Ok,” She took a deep breath. “Let’s do it.”

Giles nodded and turned to the others. “Alright, everyone remember the plan.” He nodded at them all before driving away.

Buffy smiled at Willow before heading towards the park where she had encountered the demon. Xander nodded in her direction before following Buffy, Anya in tow. Willow took a deep breath and glanced down; the borrowed puppy wagged his tail happily and sniffed at something on the pavement. She checked her watch and waited until the pre-decided-upon time to leave.

Buffy had run into the demon two days previously on patrol. It took almost all day to find the demon through research and a little longer to gather supplies. A Garzdag demon hunted for 5 days every 8 years, hibernating all the while. They lived in small family units of 3 or 4 and they mated once during their lifetime. Garzdag’s were around 9 feet tall with slime covered feathers all over their bodies. Xander had called them ‘snot parrots’ to only his and Anya’s amusement. They lived an average of 200 years, and there were only three ways to kill them. One way was out of the question, and the other was a little too dangerous. The third way involved a spell as well as physical force. The demon had to be incapacitated and then needed to be covered in a simple potion before the spell was spoken. Willow had memorized the spell, and Giles was ready with the potion just around the corner. The hardest part was convincing the demon that Willow was just out for a nightly stroll with her dog.

Willow sighed and patiently waited until the right time to leave. The puppy, ‘Bernie,’ was on loan from Dawn’s friend Janice. It hadn’t been easy to convince her, but a simple lie did it; currently Willow was borrowing the dog to get a date with her ‘dog-crazy’ boyfriend. It was really easy to fool 12 year olds.

Willow patted Bernie on the head before heading towards the park. She was really worried about making it through this. She was the key factor in the operation, bait and spell caster, so she couldn’t screw up.

She heaved a sigh and looked around, hoping to spot the demon before the situation got out of hand. She passed the last house on the walk and entered the park. It was dark, and one of the streetlights was burnt out, making a corner near the gazebo extremely dark.

Willow nodded down at Bernie, “C’mon Bernie, just go potty already.”

Willow led Bernie around the swing sets and tried to look convincing. The demon, however, wasn’t taking the bait, and two hours later the Scoobies were making their way home.

“It was me, wasn’t it?” Willow supplied, “I’m just not good enough bait.”

“No, Will, It’s ok, you did fine. I’m sure we’ll catch him tomorrow.” Buffy laid a reassuring hand on her shoulder and continued on.

“Hey guys, we’ll see you tomorrow.” Xander called as he and Anya turned to walk down a different road.

“Ok. Bye!” Willow called.

“Bye! Oh! And Xander, pick up some donuts on your way over tomorrow ok?” Buffy asked.

“Yeah, Ok.” Xander waved and turned back the other way, heading home.

“Goodbye!” Anya yelled and waved.

Buffy and Willow walked a few minutes in silence, every once and a while stopping so Bernie could sniff something. They were getting ready to cross the street to head back to Buffy’s house when there was a scream in a nearby graveyard.

Buffy and Willow looked at each other before Buffy took off, Willow close behind. Shady Pines Cemetery was a large cemetery where new fledges tended to be buried. Another scream and Buffy was dodging statues and jumping over tombstones.

When Willow arrived on the scene she saw two Garzdag demons attacking a girl no older than 17. The girl was being strangled by one while another was fighting off Buffy. Willow closed her eyes and immediately started to speak the spell. Half-way into it she choked and felt something close over her throat. She opened her eyes to see that a third demon was holding her up by her throat. She was choking and losing air. She was starting to claw at the demons cold, slimy hands when something barreled into it, sending her sprawling to the ground.

Willow gasped a few times before she realized that someone was beating up the demon. Spike had come to her rescue, knocking the demon back and laying into him. Willow coughed a few times before getting shakily to her feet to start the spell again. She closed her eyes and heard a sickening crunch as she began to chant.

Trying not to think of what was happening, she concentrated on the words, hoping that everything would work out.

With a gasp she finished the last word and opened her eyes to find two dead demons and a struggling Buffy. Spike was hovering near her, ready to step in if need be.

Willow took a step back, out of the line of fire, when the earth began to shake. She grabbed on to the nearest tombstone and waited until the quake subsided. There was a long pause after the quake and then another started up. This one was 10 times more violent. Willow was thrown to the ground and could only watch as above her a giant maple tree started to come down.

She was going to die! She screamed, and as if in slow motion the tree inched its way down, beginning to topple towards her. Before the tree could reach her, though, a strong hand grabbed her around the waist and pulled her up. Spike was running away from the tree, guiding Willow as well. He ushered her into a nearby crypt, and they dove out of the way. Just then, the shaking started to cave in the ceiling. Willow screamed and pressed herself to the back of the crypt wall. After years of dust had settled and the shaking stopped, she realized she was panting. She gasped and heaved and slowly slid down the wall, trying to calm her beating heart.

Spike was staring at the entrance to the crypt; it had basically caved in, and that was when Willow realized that it was Spike’s crypt that had caved in. The front half was nothing more than giant rocks and cement and beams in a large disorganized pile.

She frowned and looked up at Spike. “Are you ok?”

He blinked and then looked down at her, “Yeah, ‘m alright.”

She nodded and then wrapped her arms around her up-drawn knees. Spike wandered over to the cave-in. He looked down through some of the cracks and reached into holes, trying to move some of the rocks.

“Hey! Don’t; the whole place'll could come down.” Willow got to her feet and stumbled forward.

“So you just wanna sit here then?” Spike glared at her before heading over to some candles that had rolled away from the rubble.

“Well no, but Buffy will help, she’ll get Giles and everything will be alright.” Willow smiled hesitantly, “We just need to wait. She knows we’re in here, they’ll come for us real soon.”


“Oh! They’ll come for us soon!” Spike mocked. “Bunch of rubbish, that. Tell me, what were you thinkin’ when you said that damn spell?” He began to pace frantically, “I mean honestly, were you thinking? There is a reason you need that potion you know!”

“I said I was sorry.” Willow glared up at him. “There’s nothing else I can do.”

“Well you’re the one who made this mess; Fix it!” He growled and patted his duster down, looking for cigarettes.

“I can’t. I don’t know a spell to move a thousand pounds of debris.” She glared daggers at him and then her eyes widened, “Oh no! You are not smoking in here! Just because we’re trapped doesn’t mean I have to smell your stinkiness!”

Willow got to her feet and stomped closer to him. Spike glared back at her, put a cigarette into his mouth and replied, “Make me.”

She mock-growled before grabbing the cigarette out of his mouth and breaking it in half. She smiled in triumph and then grabbed the rest of the pack, stomping on them to make sure none of the cigarettes could be smoked.

“You bloody, evil little-” He took a step closer to her, “UrrghhH!” He made a strangling motion with his hands before he resumed his pacing.

“When I get this chip out-“

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Murder, mayhem, antics. Got the picture.” Willow glared before sitting back down.

“No! Better yet, when I get out of here-“


“When I get out of here, I’m going to get out of this bleedin’ town. Get out of here and go home. Maybe I can get this chip out, lead a normal life. Hook up with Dru aga-“

“What!? Oh my god! It’s been like a year and she’s dumped you like three times! God, clingy much? You should just get over her.” Willow frowned at Spike.

It had been four hours and they were sitting propped against the back wall of the crypt. Spike was sprawled out, waiting for anything to rescue him from boredom, while Willow was fighting off sleep.

“You don’t understand. You were with dog-boy for what? Two years? Our love was special. We were meant to be! She was my dark princess.” Spike exclaimed in a dejected fashion. “She was my everything.” He sighed sadly. “God, I need a fag.”

Willow rolled her eyes and leaned her head back against the wall. “Smoking is bad for you; it can give you cancer.” She closed her eyes slowly.

Spike blinked down at her, “You’re kidding right?” He paused, “Dead remember.”

“Oh yeah,” She yawned and slouched down a little more. “Well still… It’s bad.”

“Fine, go to sleep, see if I care.” Spike glared at her, before crossing his arms over his chest.


Six hours later Willow woke up with a cramp in her neck, a numb backside, and drool on her shoulder. She blinked sleep out of her eyes and rubbed her neck. It was only then that she realized Spike was leaning on her, drooling on her. She pushed him off,] and he fell halfway over before waking up suddenly.

“Oi! What-what?!” He looked around before he realized where he was. “Oh.” He glared at the cave-in before wiping the drool from his chin.

Willow yawned and slowly got to her feet. She began to walk the numbness out of her legs, “What time is it do you think?”

Spike closed his eyes and let his senses wash over him. He opened his eyes and answered, “Almost 6, near sunrise.”

“How do you know?” Willow blinked down at him before resuming her pacing.

“Vampire thing.” Spike stood up and headed over to the rubble. He began to peak through the cracks, searching for a scrap of light.

“Vampires are so weird.” She rubbed her neck and shook her head, trying to loosen herself up.

“Yeah well, humans are weird too.” Spike moved a small rock and glared into the small hole, disappointed that he hadn’t found anything.


“Is it found in a store?” Spike asked.

“Yes, 8 questions.” Willow was laying on her back, sprawled out, head on Spike’s laid-out duster.

“Is it in a grocery store?” Spike was laying above her, opposite her, head also on his duster.

“No, 7 questions.”

“Screw this, what is it?” Spike shifted slightly, annoyed.

Willow sighed, “Yarn.”

“Yarn?” Spike sat up and turned to look at her.

Willow only blinked up at him.




“Alright, if you weren’t a bloody Scooby, what would you be doing?” Spike ran a hand through his hair and flicked at a piece of lint on his jeans.

“Hmmm, probably in college somewhere, studying to be something important–a doctor, a lawyer, a computer software engineer.” Willow shrugged.

Spike scoffed, “Important, yeah, but boring.”

Willow nodded, “I suppose; although, I would have liked being a doctor to help people.”

Spike sighed, “ Doctors are annoying. Boring and they’re way too practical.”

Confused, Willow asked, “Huh? What do you mean?”

“Well I’ve eaten and killed so many doctors, simply because they’ve seen me havin’ dinner and wanted to help.” Spike looked down at her, “You’re too smart to be a doctor.”

Willow frowned in confusion, “Yeah, ok.” She shrugged. “Anyway, Truth or Dare.”

Spike rolled his eyes, “Truth.”

“Hmmm, ok why do you want to go back to Dru if you know she’ll only dump you again?”

There was a long silence before Spike responded, “I love her.”

“But she doesn’t love you. Not anymore at least.”

Spike stood up hurriedly, “But she did! I know that it’s not the same. I’m not stupid. I know that she’s crazy and I’m probably crazy for loving her, but I just do.” He sighed dejectedly. “Just let it alone.”

He frowned, “Truth or Dare?”


“So, So then he starts freaking out, ‘I’m gonna turn into a fish! Oh god! I’m going to turn into a fish!’ It was so funny.” Willow laughed harder and grabbed her stomach.

Spike was almost rolling on the ground, “Yeah, that sounds like Harris.”

“OH! And this one time, he almost got eaten by a giant praying mantis!”


“What time is it?” Willow pushed herself up from the floor.

“Almost noon.”

Willow glared at the cave-in. She sighed, “I’m so hungry.”


Willow’s eyes widened before turning to Spike.

Spike caught the look and shook his head in annoyance, “Will you relax, I wouldn’t eat you.”

“Yeah, no one wants to eat me. You all think I’m nasty and I know no one wants to try me. I mean what is it? Am I not tasty?! Why won’t anyone at least try to eat me?!” She stopped suddenly and blushed. “Forget I said that.”

Spike laughed loudly.


“Ok… now!”


“Riiiiiiiiigggggghhhhhhhhht now!”

“Will you stop that?! They aren’t going to come right now and you know it!”


“I-N-G-O And Bingo was his name-o. There was a farmer had a dog and Bingo was his name-o. B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O. And Bingo was his name-o.”

“Are you quite finished?” Spike picked at his peeling nail polish.

“Yep. What time is it now?” Willow leaned back further against the wall, leaning into the coolness.

“About 3.”

“Wanna sing ‘Row, row, row your boat’ in a round?”



At round 6 there were sounds coming from the outside. Willow and Spike were anxiously waiting, moving closer to any area in which sound permeated.

Finally at around half past six Spike saw light. “YES! Light! I never thought I would be so happy to see daylight!”

Willow began to scream and cheer and jump around. Spike twirled her around and they waited excitedly until they saw a glove covered hand and more debris was removed.

When Xander coughed and pushed his way half through, Willow screamed and ran forward to hug him.

“Ahh! Wills wait, are you ok?” Xander blinked through the dust up at her.

She nodded excitedly. “Yes! I’m fine now move!”

Xander backed out and when Willow came through she found Giles, Buffy, and Anya on the other side moving rocks. Willow screamed and hugged Buffy before smiling up at the sky.

“Oh it’s so beautiful!” She smiled and ran around to the side of the crypt, standing in the sun.

“Are you alright?” Giles asked, “Is-did Spike hurt you? Did the demon?”

Willow laughed, “No, I’m fine! I’m just so happy to be out!”

She smiled widely before Spike made his way out of the hole.

“What took you all so long? We were wastin’ away in there!” Spike took a proffered blanket from Giles and glared in his direction.

“Well we had to get supplies and equipment, manpower, and we weren’t sure if we would be able to even get through without all of the structure caving in, and-“

“Ok, Ok save it, I get it.” Spike rolled his eyes. He turned toward Buffy, Xander, and Joyce, “So which one of you will be sport enough to buy me a drink?”

“Oh! I will.” Willow came forward smiling.

Buffy raised her eyebrows in surprise while Xander blinked in confusion. “Why?” he asked.

“Well, I mean, he’s not so bad. A bit whiny maybe, but Spike’s ok. Not completely unlikable. I would even call him a fr-“

She was cut off when Spike clapped a hand over her mouth, “Don’t even think about it.”

He removed her hand and she smiled, “Ok, well, right, Spike’s not my friend, he’s my very un-friend.” She smiled in triumph as Spike rolled his eyes.

“Uh, are you ok Wills? He didn’t brain wash you did he?” Xander put a hand in front of her face, waving it back and forth.

“No, I’m fine, he saved my life, he’s not such a-“ At Spike’s look she changed her statement. “He’s horrible and mean and all, but nope, didn’t brainwash me.” She smiled and Spike shook his head in annoyance.

“Well, how ‘bout that drink?” Giles smiled at them, “I think we could all use a little something.” And with that, they packed up and left the rubble behind.




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