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I've started reading 'The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' by Douglas Adams, and I love it. It's very funny, very ironic, and very british.

The first part was sad and ironic, about Earth and Arthur's house. I found it hilarious and had an OMG LOL moment when I heard about the babel fish. Been going to for four years and thought that was really cool.

I also laughed reall hard:

England no longer existed. He'd got that--somehow he'd got it. He tried again. America, he thought, has gone. He couldn't grasp it. He decided to start smaller again. New York has gone. No reaction. He's never seriously believed it existed anyway. The dollar, he thought, has sunk for ever. Slight tremor there. Every Bogart movie has been wiped, he said to himself, and that gave him a nasty knock. McDonald's, he thought. There is no longer any such thing as a McDonald's hamburger.
He passed out.

That is too funny.

Thought I would share with y'all. :D


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