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Introducing *drumroll*

The EmC Ficathon! ----- The EmC Ficathon! ----- The EmC Ficathon! ----- The EmC Ficathon!

(Emella's Computer Music ficathon)

Here's the deal:

Just reply to this comment and post your information from the form below. Someone will write a fic for you and you will write a fic for someone. Any pairings except exclusive het are ok. (I.E. S/X/B but not just X/B or S/B) Pick out a band/artist from the list below and I will send you a random song from your requested band/artist.

You will need to write your story with the whole song, a lyric, or the mood/theme/vibe of the song in mind. The Band or artist you pick will be what I send to YOU.

Any questions? Just ask! You can also e-mail me at or I'm on AIM. (Emella333)

Music List: (Note: There is better music towards the bottom.)

Blessed Union of Souls
The Beatles
The Backstreet Boys
98 degrees
Justin Timberlake
Boyz 2 men
Ricky Martin
Brittney Spears' early work
Faith Hill
Mariah Carey
Sarah McLachlan
Movie Soundtracks
Foo Fighters
Dashboard Confessional
Blink 182
Five For Fighting
The Calling
Nina Gordon
Aimee Mann
Gavin DeGraw
Savage Garden
Maroon 5
Butterfly Boucher
Green Day
Avril Lavigne
Norah Jones
Damien Rice
Etta James
Fiona Apple
Eva Cassidy
Ghost of the Robot
Buffy (A song from one of the Buffy soundtracks)
Sheryl Crow
The Corrs
& Random (These songs are from mixed CD's like Now 1, 2, 5, etc; Hear the Year, and other random mixed CD's)

If you don't care what song, just put 'Don't care.'

Ok, Copy and paste this into your reply:

Preferred Pairing:
Backup Pairing:
Preferred Rating:
3 things you do NOT want to see:
Favorite Genre of fic(I.E. AU, Schmoop etc.):
Band/Artist from list above:
Pairing/character you will NOT write:
Any notes to me or your author?:


[EDIT: Sorry Guys, forgot the schedule :)

Now - Saturday, May 29th @ 11:59 pm. Signup.
May 30th - June 4th Assignments and songs sent. I may change this to a specific date later.
June 1st - June 24th @ 11:59 pm. Writing time.
June 25th Stories due ]

Thanks Guys!
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