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Reasons I love Xander

Here are some reasons I love Xander. Not in any particular order.

  • He's a cutie

  • He's friendly

  • He's kind

  • He's very fun to slash

  • He's selfless

  • He does the snoopy dance

  • He's saved the world

  • He's geeky

  • He likes chocolate

  • He's not perfect

  • He gives off really good sexual tension (Angelus/Xander 'Killed by death')

  • He's the heart of the Scoobies

  • He's never been evil

  • He can build things

  • He belongs with Spike

  • He belongs with Angel

  • He has normal feelings (not, 'I'm a superhero boo hoo' feelings)

  • He's fun to hurt

  • He's fun to love

  • He's funny

  • He helps without being asked

  • He makes a fun hyena

  • He's fun to make lists about
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