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Lazy Sunday...

So I got up really early today. Like 9 and was up for like 2 hours before going back to bed.

I finished reading After(see below in my journal) and I must say it was good, though a bit odd. I highly recommend it, but can't help feeling dissapointed in the ending. I'm really hoping there's a sequel. *shrug*

I read nasty_shrew's fic to me for the Cole Porter ficathon. It was excellent and I LOVE this ficathon thing.

I still have to finish my friendship ficathon and its so hard. I don't have much inspiration. I just always gravatate back to wanting to make the characters make out or screw or something. *sigh* I'll deal with it.

Anyway, I think that's it for now. I'm going to finish my chips and ketchup. Yes! I said chips! So what if I dip potato chips in katchup. It's good dammit. *grumbles*

[EDIT: I need a ketchup icon.]
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