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I don't belong here. I've decided that Wright State isn't where I belong.

I don't belong away at college, I just don't fit in. I had a boring/sucky day. I didn't have anyone to talk to and fel really alone. I just... I'm not really liking it here. I wanna go home a little bit and I'm just not fitting in.

I don't have any friends really and it's all awkward and just... eck.

I missed my psych lab, and then I skipped my psych class. My english conference was cancelled and my math class was yucky cause ya know, math.

On a better note, I got a new monitor this weekend, an LCD Flatscreen monitor. :)

I'm also addicted to Queer as Folk S4, and my room is a mess. Oh, and I feel fat. Well I am fat, so that's not a big deal, but it all just kinda sucks.


Talk to y'all later.

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