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Okay, so forgive me because I'm high as shit right now.

So Mom and I are watching the Supernatural episode with Samhain, and like I was thinking about how stupid and like not real it would be if the Angels really came to Sam and Dean for help with a case. If it was true it would totally be like the angels are humans with like one extra thing.

Like it would be like as if Angels were humans but with the prima guide to life. Plus you know the like cheat codes or something.

I love that comparison it's aweome.

Mmmmm firelflies at night, it's like it totally reminds me of like summer or like night when you're at camp. Gosh that was the best. I loved camp. Doing really cool things like expieriences you've never done before and then tiring yourself out and getting hot and gross and taking a shower in the weird as hell showers and go to sleep on those hard beds but it was all worth it to be in the country and smell the clover and bonfire (haha I just wrote bongfire) and the summer air and the feeling of new and different and it's cool and the sun goes down over a beautiful sunset. and you have to walk back to your cabin in the dusk with the fireflies and the wind is gently blowing and it's like magic.

God I remember that feeling and I love it. I think that's my favorite feeling. I'm an emotional person and I hate a lot of my feelings and to say that I've figured out my favorite feeling is like crazy. Crazy.

I'm high as shit right now.

Uriel is such a weirdo. Sam has weird girl hair. He can pull it off cause he's so manly. You know it's funny that like we always think of Sam as like the more like in-tune-with-his-feelings one and well more girly ((despite the fact that Dean is a big girl's blouse)) than Dean. Like but if you think about it Sam is like manly as hell. I mean Sam has a really manly job. I think

Sorry I got distracted by the Chuck Norris List and Dean's awesomeness.

John Winchester doesn't fear Chuck Norris, you can't fear an ally.

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