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Hey Hey!

Okay, so Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!

I have Monday off, yay!!

I'm going to a cookout tomorrow night, and hopefully we can have fireworks. :D I got paid yesterday for the first time! I feel so rich I don't know what to do about it. I'm really really really going to try and not spend it. Besides the 100 or so dollars I've already spent and the couple hundred I've spent on the clothing that I needed for my job.

I've been really bad about reading fic. I have maybe 1-2.5 hours free a night above and beyond things that I feel I have to do or get done so I usually spend that time attempting to read or watching TV. I desperately need to clean my room, it's too cluttered and I have like three loads of laundry to deal with.

Besides all that, work is going well. I created a website yesterday, and if you knew what it was you could see it live. :D

It's funny how much I'm learning on my job simply by needing to look things up for a project. I'm like a sponge. :)

I really wanted to make some more icons or something, but my computer is at work. I really hope that the company will buy a computer for me so that I won't have to deal with not having mine at home. Weekends are going to suck when summer is over otherwise.

I think that's it for now, talk more later. :D
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