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Another day...

Didn't do much today, finished writing my english paper. I'll post it when I'm done completely, seeing as it's about fanfic.

I did bunches of laundry and went shopping.

Had a floor meeting and entered my entries for the Sims 2 Nightlife style contest. Anyone who wan't to see 'em just reply, I'm feeling to lazy to look up the link right this second.

My birthday's tomorrow *shrug* 19 isn't that special. Got a card form my grandma. She always gives me two dollars, I don't know why. When I was little she used to send me a stick of spearment gum. Man I loved looking forward to that gum. lol

Got netflix today and boy am I addicted to Queer as Folk. It's so hot. I wish I had showtime. *sigh* Does anyone know when season 5 starts? like I said, I'm lazy.

I'm thinking of writing some QAF fic. hmmm dunno. I need to write more MPREG chapter two and maybe some of my own fic LOL

Oh, well, I'm off.

[EDIT: check out my new icon! I love it! :D hee!]

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