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Okay, so I did a search for 'Sam and Dean Winchester' on google, then did the image search and My Manip of Sam/Dean came up on the first page.

Thing is that it's not the one I posted. Turns out that someone else just snatched it up and reposted it on flikr without crediting. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

I mean I know logically that anything you put on the internet is up for grabs, but I feel some sort of anger that someone just took it and reposted it without a second thought after I spent hours of time on it.

I used to get so mad about this type of thing back when I was making icons by the dozens, but that's not even that huge of a deal.

In this situation I feel like in some ways I have the right to feel angry, I mean I spent time making that and not only has it been reposted thoughtlessly, but it's now like on a huge search engine ON THE FIRST PAGE.

What should I do about this? Should I ask her to remove it? To credit it? I'm not sure how exactly I feel about this other than kind of annoyed and I'm definitely unsure of what to do... Do I just leave it?


EDIT: Further more, looking through this chick's flickr account she has shit tons of photos that I've never seen of the boys (Jared and Jensen) I mean wow!

Tags: art, graphic, internet, me, supernatural
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