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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

Star Trek TNG

Okay so I just finished watching 3x16, the episode 'The Offspring', in which Data creates a daughter. God that was like the saddest thing ever. His daughter dies and he can't even feel it!?

As an emotional person I'm fascinated by the idea of limited or no emotions. Data creating a child and then having no emotions about her was kind of hard for me to swallow at first, but I really think that the writers did a great job logically explaining why Data wanted to become a parent.

The one thing that bothered me was that Lal died in the first place. I mean it seemed like a crappy plot device to solve a conflict, but then it actually turned into a moving scene for me.

Basically I thought it was a really great episode. I have this like extreme need to see Data become human. I don't think he ever does become human, and anyone who's watched TNG knows for sure, but it's kind of unfair for him to be able to create another android that could feel and HE can't even do it.

Ahh well. It's a good show...

I also really need to make some TNG icons...


IA, this episode gained strength from a shaky start to an emotional ending *sighs* Poor Data:( I guess, the emotion chip in the end was the closest he could get to it, and his "brother" (not Lore, the earlier version whose name I can't remember) seemed to be a more innocent, childlike version of him at the end of Insurrection - I really hated his death in that movie *sighs*

I miss TNG. I miss weekly ST goodness, dammit. My muses need kicking.
I don't want to spoil you at all for what's going to happen, but I think you are going to be very very pleased with Data's character arc.